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Monster gainer 2200 - 1,5kg

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Monster Gainer is a powerful weight gainer created and designed by Vitobest. This product is a complete food that causes the increase of the volume of muscle mass quickly. Monster Gainer from Vitobest contains in its formula creatine monohydrate, which influences the increase of stamina and strength in the human body.

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    Monster Mass Vitobest: Promotes Accelerated Growth

    Monster Mass Vitobest is a weight-gain supplement that promotes accelerated muscle growth.

    With creatine monohydrate Creapure®, the best creatine on the market.

    It promotes quick physical development, favors gaining fat-free muscle mass, increases strength and energy, improves recovery, prevents muscle catabolism.

    The formula combines high quality proteins and simple and complex carbohydrates that provide energy in the short and long term.

    With oatmeal, the carbohydrate that provides great benefits to bodybuilders, and dextrose, with powerful volumizing effect.

    Monster Mass Vitobest provides 22% ultrafiltered whey protein, rich in BCAAs and L-Glutamine, which promotes the development of lean muscle mass. It provides an optimal ratio of L-glutamine for recovery and branched-chain amino acids to enhance muscle growth and prevent catabolism.

    It contains 5% Creapure® creatine monohydrate, the best creatine on the market, for an exponential increase in strength and endurance. Creapure® is the highest purity creatine monohydrate, produced in Germany by the AlzChem laboratory. Creatine increases maximum strength over prolonged exercise, maintains and replenishes energy during training, and prevents the depletion of muscle glycogen stores as well as muscle protein.

    It combines high and low glycemic index carbohydrates. Oatmeal is slow to absorb and high in fiber, helps gain muscle mass and develop the physical, and dextrose monohydrate, more effective than dextrose, is one of the highest glycemic index carbohydrates, produces a response of Insulin and mobilizes creatine intramuscularly for a powerful volumizing effect.

    Facts of Monster Mass Vitobest

    • Promotes quick physical development
    • Promotes fat-free muscle mass gain
    • Increases strength and energy
    • Improves recovery
    • Prevents muscle catabolism
    • Provides 2200 calories to the diet
    • Low in fat
    • With creatine Creapure®, the best creatine on the market
    • Excellent value for money

    Monster Mass Vitobest is a nutritional supplement of excellent performance, developed especially for high performance athletes. Developed by Vitobest, a company with great trajectory dedicated to the production of a new generation of sports nutrition products.

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement take 3 times a day (175 grams) preferably before and after training, or only after training.

    Customer reviews: Monster gainer 2200 - 1,5kg

    56 Reviews
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    Good gainer at a very good price. The flavors are pretty mild at least the ones I've tried. Recommended
    spectacular this gainer that works well for me and now at a very good price, the truth is that vitobest is one of the best supplement brands
    spectacular this gainer that works well for me and now at a very good price, the truth is that vitobest is one of the best supplement brands
    For those of us who have the metabolism of a horse, this is the gainer that works best. With this at least I earn something because with the others nothing
    It is the weight gainer that is working the best for me, the lemon flavor that I thought was going to be the one I was going to like the least, in the end, after trying them all, it is the one that I would like the most.
    It's helping me gain weight after a while without doing sports due to an injury, I use them between meals, they taste good and it's not too heavy to digest even when mixed with milk.
    The Monster Gainer is a classic of the gainers, I take it every year when the time of volume arrives because it is the one that works best for me
    It helped me gain a few kilos to get into a weight for a competition, very good lemon flavor and it is digested without problem.
    The lemon flavor is spectacular, it is helping me to recover weight after an injury and a time without training.
    Very good gainer, I was very surprised by the quality and flavor of this and the price is not bad
    It's great for those of us who have a fast metabolism and burn a lot, when I get serious with the gainer I gain volume
    The only defect that I find is that it feels somewhat heavy and satisfies, perhaps, too much. For the rest, fine.
    a weight gainer that the truth is that it goes very well but the truth is that they should reduce sugar
    It is already a classic gainer, especially for fast metabolisms like mine, it works well to gain volume
    I bought the small format to try this gainer that had been recommended to me and, the truth, I will buy the large format after having sat down well and having managed to overcome the stagnation that I had in volume in a very comfortable and rich way.
    It's helping me a lot to regain weight after an accident that left me unable to train, I take it between meals, it tastes good and it's not heavy on my stomach.
    I have been consuming it for six months now and have managed to gain quality weight, without much fat.
    My favorite gainer because the chocolate flavor looks like cola cao and I love its flavor, I don't change it
    a good gainer the only drawback I see is that it has a lot of sugar and hence I don't think I'll buy it again
    Grabn weight gainer, fast and simple, smoothie and add kilos hehehe also the taste is very tasty
    Questions and answers
    creo que voy a coger este para ganar musculo rapido;,,me podria explicar 1 poco porfavor para hacerlo bien mil gracias;;;es el adecuao?¿¿o hay alguno mas eficaz.
    2021-11-08 19:24:37 Aitor
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