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Scitec Creatine Monohydrate 300g

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Creatine monohydrate began the revolution of sports supplements in the early 1990s.

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  • Size per dose
    Size per dose
    5.0 From one to two services
  • What do you take it for?
    What do you take it for?
    Generate ATP and cell volumizing effect
  • How is it taken?
    How is it taken?
    Dissolve in liquid and mix
  • How many times?
    How many times?
    Once a day
  • When should it be taken?
    When should it be taken?
    After training
  • Usos
    Performance increase

Creatine monohydrate began the revolution of sports supplements in the early 1990s. Reserve your muscles creatine is responsible for the donation of phosphate groups to regenerate the ATP depleted, therefore serves as a reserve of cellular energy for muscle contractions. In addition, the creatine is capable of increasing cell volume by inducing a higher synthesis of muscle protein. It has been tested in hundreds of trials to Creatine monohydrate increase the total muscle creatine reserve comprising free creatine and Creatine phosphate. This increase leads to an important muscle size and strength gains and better sports performance as well as non-sports beneficial effects on health.
Directions: Your body weight in kilograms divided by 3. This is the amount of creatine in grams that you should take daily in the loading phase (1st week of consumption). After that period it takes half of that amount for maintenance. Consumed mainly with an empty stomach after training with simple carbohydrates. Consume 350 ml of fluid per each 5 grams of creatine for a correct solution. During the consumption of creatine make sure that you are well hydrated all the time.
Nutritional profile per serving:
"1 teaspoon powdered 5000 mg of creatinaMonohidrato of Creatine monohydrate "Micronizado "

Customer reviews: Scitec Creatine Monohydrate 300g

19 Reviews
5 stars
4 stars
Scitec creatine feels great to me, so I recommend it since not all have the same digestion
very good product the truth is very happy good brand does not fail I recommend it I will buy it again without a doubt tyfrtd
Very good creatine from Scitec dissolves perfectly, I take it after training with my protein shake.
It goes very well, just like any creapure monohydrate, I don't notice any difference. Very good product and price.
The quality is good and I have not noticed a difference compared to creatines with the creapure seal, Very good.
I use it before the preparation training for my first marathon, good results in terms of performance improvement and recovery.
Price more than correct compared to that of MM, the intake is 1gr for every 10kg you weigh.
Scitec creatine monohydrate is well valued because it is well digested, which is vital
Good quality creatine, I don't notice any difference with one with a seal. Very good, I recommend it.
The creatine is of good quality and feels very good, I have not noticed any stomach discomfort, I recommend it.
The best supplement for improving performance, I play paddle tennis and soccer and it works for me, also helping me to recover.
This creatine works super well for me, with a dose a day I always perform better, recover better and lift more weight.
Good quality creatine, not bad at a price, the scitech brand is not bad at all and transmits confidence
I recommend a creatine that works very well since it will help you gain strength and endurance
a good creatine and of very good quality and at a very good price the truth is that I did not expect less from scitec
A very good creatine, I have been taking it for a week and I feel like an animal, I have improved weights in all the exercises.
Pretty good for not being creapure.
Affordable price for this basic supplement along with protein for muscle mass gains.
The quality of this monohydrate is very good, it mixes very well and feels very good, I recommend it.
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