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Caretaker - 480g

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Zoomadlabs Caretaker is a food supplement based on a mixture that includes BCAAs in a 10: 1: 1 ratio, with glutamine and other amino acids to recover, build and take care of your muscle mass, also without artificial ingredients, suitable then for athletes who follow restrictive diets.

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    Zoomadlabs Caretaker

    Zoomadlabs Caretaker is a natural powder formula that constitutes a mixture of amino acids that act in synergy to recover, build and care for your muscle mass; including BCAAs in a ratio of 10: 1: 1, glutamine, lysine, alanine, taurine, glycine and citrulline. It also includes vitamin B6 and an electrolyte mix to promote hydration.

    It also comes in 3 pleasant flavors and does not have harmful artificial ingredients, making it suitable for inclusion in restrictive diets.

    Caretaker Information

    • Formula based on amino acids, minerals and vitamin B6
    • Helps to recover, build and care for muscle mass
    • Has no harmful ingredients or substances
    • Recommended for athletes who follow restrictive diets

    Ingredients, composition and format of the Caretaker

    Zoomadlabs Caretaker comes in an original design container containing 480 grams of powdered food supplement.

    Content per dose (16 gr, orange flavor):

    • It has an energy value of 53 Kcal
    • It has 0 g of fat
    • It has 0.5 g of carbohydrates, of which 0 g are sugars
    • It has 14 grams of protein
    • Has 312 mg of salt
    • It has 6.6 grams of BCAAs
    • Has 3.3 grams of glutamine
    • It has 183 mg of potassium
    • Has 0.73 mg of vitamin B6, among other natural nutrients

    Recommended daily dose of Caretaker

    • Take 16 gr (1 scoop of 25 ml) with 200 ml of water, preferably before physical exercise

    Customer reviews: Caretaker - 480g

    35 Reviews
    5 stars
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    3 stars
    It gathers what is necessary to not lose performance during training, it greatly delays fatigue. Taste quite good.
    I liked the bottle, ideal for collectors, and the pre-workout sticks very well, I will buy another model of those that exist
    excellent product for after training, it is a muscle recuperator with everything you need, it is branched amino acids bcaa with a ratio of 10.1.1 super high and effective for muscle recovery after high intensity workouts
    A colleague of yours from a store recommended it to me and the truth is that the boy is a crack, he was right in what he was looking for
    Great to take pre-workout, I only miss a small dose of betalanine, but it offers a dramatic improvement in endurance.
    highly recommended product of the brand zoomad labs. I take it after my workouts, and my recovery has improved a lot, I don't feel so fatigued the next day and I can face the workouts with energy. I recommend your purchase without a doubt!
    It brings together what is necessary in a single product to promote recovery and the quality of the ingredients is noticeable from day one.
    a good post I train quite complete and with very good results highly recommended and good brand
    Spectacular boat design, very good product, it caught my attention for aesthetics for quality, I recommend it.
    It was recommended to me by a friend who tried the Moonstruck and apparently it hasn't failed, a very good brand
    I used the pre workout of this brand and it went very well, I bought this recuperator and satisfied with the results.
    Everything from this brand is super powerful, I had tried the pre-workout which is very powerful. With this post-workout I notice a lot of recovery
    The truth is that this training post I thought was going to be more top but I see it a bit lazy and that the pre trainings are going great
    Very good, in addition to the packaging that is super cool and in principle I took it for that, I am very attracted to it, its composition is super well prepared
    Very good, in addition to the packaging that is super cool and in principle I took it for that, I am very attracted to it, its composition is super well prepared
    A very complete product when it comes to improving and promoting our post-training. I usually combine it with creatine for greater recovery. I love the design of the boat, so I suppose that once the product is finished, I will keep it hehe. Its price, according to its effectiveness;)
    I really like these boats, I already have several and the next one I want to buy is the one with the shark
    This post is going well, I train since it gives you a spectacular recovery. I really like this brand
    very good product I recommend it is not expensive and it is effective the truth is that it goes very well this brand never goes wrong hfhffhf
    Questions and answers
    que es mejor tomarlo antes de entrenar o después? y si es antes, si ya tomo un preentreno que debería hacer?
    2022-05-30 22:04:49 claudiu
    Buenos días,tómalo mejor como formula post entreno como recuperador.
    2022-05-31 09:25:33 Joan
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