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Yogi tea hibiscus ginger - 17 sachets

Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus from Yogi Tea is a delicious tea or infusion made with these extraordinary ingredients, which, in addition to providing a delicious and pleasant flavor, also helps in providing healthy benefits to your body thanks to its multiple active principles and nutrients that are found naturally in each of its ingredients.

    • VeganVegan
    • Ecological cultivationEcological cultivation

      Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus from Yogi Tea, the drink that comforts the soul, offers you peace of mind and helps in improving your health.

      Ginger and hibiscus are plants that are characterized, among other things, by the amount of active components, nutrients and healthy benefits they possess, which is why they have been used as some of the medicinal plants of the Ayurvedic tradition, which has come a to the present. Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus from Yogi Tea is a set of extracts of these ingredients, packaged to prepare infusions capable of offering well-being, calm and balance to both body and mind. Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus from Yogi Tea is created with 100% natural ingredients, from organic farming, and that in addition to containing these two components, incorporates other extremely healthy herbal extracts such as licorice, cardamom, turmeric, among others. With Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus from Yogi Tea you not only enjoy a delicious drink, but you also promote your health in a natural, simple, safe and effective way, since these infusions do not have any artificial ingredients, sugar or gluten.

      Yogi Organic Ginger & Hibiscus Yogi Tea Essentials

      • It is an infusion with a delicious aroma
      • It has an extraordinary flavor
      • Has natural medicinal properties
      • Helps fight the action of free radicals
      • Promotes relaxation
      • Helps revitalize the mind
      • Helps improve physical and mental energy
      • Has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
      • Provides a remineralizing action
      • Helps burn accumulated fat
      • Improves the function of the digestive process
      • Has diuretic properties
      • Has antispasmodic properties
      • Contains no artificial ingredients
      • Sugarfree
      • It is suitable for vegans
      • Promotes good sleep
      • Improves the body's defenses

      What's in every shot of Yogi Organic's Ginger and Hibiscus Yogi Tea ?

      Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus by Yogi Tea are sachets of natural herbal extracts, perfectly packaged, ready to prepare infusions at the time you want it both hot and cold.

      This wonderful infusion is made with hibiscus, ginger, cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint, turmeric, cloves, cardamom, beetroot, ginger oil, among other totally natural ingredients.

      What is Yogi Organic Ginger and Hibiscus Yogi Tea for ?

      This infusion is designed to be prepared both hot and cold, in any way you will be enjoying a tea with excellent characteristics, flavor and properties that benefit your health, helping you to feel good in body and mind in a natural and simple way. Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus from Yogi Tea is the best option when it comes to enjoying a delicious and healthy tea.

      Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus from Yogi Tea is indicated for people looking for a natural and delicious drink that helps balance body and mind and improve their health. It is an infusion totally suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

      Recommended daily serving of Yogi Organic Ginger and Hibiscus Yogi Tea

      • As an infusion, drink hot or cold, adding water to one of the Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus bags from Yogi Tea
      • Take when you want
      • Can be taken every day
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