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Yogi tea ginger - 17 sachets

Yogi Tea Ginger from Yogi Tea is a delicious and powerful infusion, with excellent natural medicinal characteristics, being used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. With Yogi Tea Ginger from Yogi Tea you can bring well-being to your body, through a delicious and comforting hot drink, added to the characteristic hotness of this extraordinary natural root.

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    Enjoy a delicious and warm infusion that offers you a feeling of well-being, while providing you with healthy benefits.

    Ginger alone is a root that has a long and long medicinal tradition, being used by Ayurvedic culture as the main ingredient in many health care preparations. And this is because ginger has antiseptic, antiviral, expectorant, antioxidant, and even aphrodisiac qualities. One of the most common ways to take advantage of the benefits of this plant is through infusions. Yogi Tea Ginger from Yogi Tea is precisely an infusion that is composed mainly of ginger, extracted from organic crops, of excellent quality to ensure an infusion that contains all the properties of this ingredient. But in addition to this, Yogi Tea Ginger from Yogi Tea also contains mint, black pepper and licorice, which in addition to being highly beneficial plants for health, help to complement the action of ginger, resulting in an excellent infusion that besides being delicious favors the development of a healthier body.

    What is Yogi Organic Ginger Yogi Tea ?

    • It is a delicious infusion
    • Has antioxidant properties
    • It has anti viral power
    • Soothes the airways
    • It's really easy to prepare
    • It is an excellent antiseptic
    • Ideal to relieve irritation in the throat
    • Helps fight headaches
    • It serves to treat colds
    • Favors digestion
    • Has expectorant properties
    • Made with organically grown ingredients
    • It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians
    • It does not contain gluten or sugars
    • Helps improve blood flow
    • Serves to relieve joint pain
    • May reduce the effects of stress
    • It is a natural source of vitamins and minerals

    What does Yogi Organic Ginger Yogi Tea provide ?

    Yogi Tea Ginger from Yogi Tea is a supplement that comes in a dry extract to prepare infusions quickly, being a natural and efficient way to take advantage of the properties of ginger.

    Yogi Tea Ginger from Yogi Tea is not only composed of 100% natural ginger, but also incorporates black pepper, mint, licorice and lemongrass, all ingredients from organic farming.

    Why take Yogi Organic Ginger Yogi Tea ?

    Tea is a drink that by itself contains healthy properties and if it is made with plants such as ginger, its properties multiply exponentially. With Yogi Tea Ginger from Yogi Tea you can have a healthy hot drink at your fingertips, which will help your body and your health in different aspects naturally and quickly.

    Yogi Tea Ginger from Yogi Tea is ideal for people who love good tea, ideal for people looking for an infusion that provides them with a wide variety of benefits for their health.

    Recommended daily dose of Yogi Organic Ginger Yogi Tea

    • As an infusion, put a sachet in a cup, add hot water and let it rest for a few minutes.
    • Take when you want, especially at night
    • Can be taken every day
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