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Breathing - 17 sachets

Yogi Tea Respiración de Yogi Tea is a food supplement of excellent quality, especially to maintain respiratory health in normal conditions, through an aromatic and delicious infusion made from a powerful synergistic combination of natural plants, highly recognized for their excellent properties that help the optimal functioning of the respiratory system.

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    Keep your respiratory health in ideal conditions with Yogi Tea Breath of Yogi Tea, a food supplement that provides a wonderful natural infusion.

    Yogi Tea Respiración de Yogi Tea is an extraordinary food supplement of incredible quality, made from an excellent and effective combination of natural plants that act synergistically to help contribute to the healthy maintenance of the respiratory system, in addition to doing all this through a delicious and aromatic natural infusion that will surely give you maximum satisfaction after consumption. Yogi Tea Yogi Tea Breathing helps prevent and acts in the treatment of various respiratory conditions, such as the common cold, flu, colds, among others, in addition to providing a unique sensation of well-being, and best of all, it is completely sourced natural, since it is a mixture of medicinal plants selected for their freshness and beneficial properties, from clean crops, that is, no type of herbicide or pesticide was used during it, guaranteeing its high quality.

    Yogi Organic Breath Yogi Tea Essentials

    • It is a food supplement made from natural plants
    • Provides a delicious and aromatic infusion
    • Helps maintain respiratory health in good condition
    • It is highly bioavailable
    • Helps fight colds, flus and colds
    • It has no artificial components of any kind
    • It's really easy to prepare
    • Contribute to a balanced diet
    • It comes in practical presentation

    What's in every shot of Yogi Organic Breath Yogi Tea ?

    This incredible food supplement comes in a presentation in a box with 17 sachets ready to prepare a delicious natural infusion, also composed of natural plants in their just and appropriate amounts that guarantee its effectiveness and make it a fairly safe food supplement when ingesting , contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

    Yogi Tea Breath of Yogi Tea contains eucalyptus, licorice, ginger, basil, cardamom, cinnamon, mullein, alfalfa, eel, vanilla extract, black pepper, clove and vanilla pod.

    Why Take Yogi Organic Breath Tea from Yogi ?

    Yogi Tea Respiración de Yogi Tea is an extraordinary food supplement that guarantees optimal well-being once you have ingested it, thanks to the fact that it provides important benefits through an infusion of intense and delicious flavor and an irresistible aroma, based on a large quantity from natural plants long recognized for their excellent health benefits and that act synergistically to specifically contribute to the good health of the respiratory system, helping in the prevention and treatment of various conditions related to breathing, in addition to collaborates with digestive health, among other excellent benefits.

    Yogi Tea Respiración de Yogi Tea is a food supplement highly recommended for people who suffer from problems of the common cold, flu or any respiratory condition, and due to its natural composition, it can be consumed by athletes and those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended Daily Dose of Yogi Organic Breath Tea

    • Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over the bag and let it sit for 5-6 minutes or more for a more intense flavor
    • Consume at any time, according to your needs
    • Take daily
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