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Black chai tea - 17 sachets

Yogi Te Organic Chai Black Tea is an intense and very pleasant infusion that will give you energy and renewed spirits when you need it most. Contains cinnamon and ginger oil, roasted chicory, anise, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black pepper, rooibos, and black tea. It is ideal for times when you must prepare to take risks and new challenges.

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    Yogi Organic Black Chai Tea is aromatic and intense. Don't miss out on its powerful aroma and incredible flavor!

    This Black Chai Tea from Yogi Organic is a deep, tasty and very pleasant blend. It has an excellent flavor with animal or vegetable milk and contains the essence of black tea, the sweet touch of rooibos and the intense aroma of various natural ingredients. It is an infusion achieved through herbal extracts that come from organic crops.

    Yogi Organic Black Chai Tea Essentials

    • It is an intense and tasty infusion.
    • Contains organic ingredients.
    • It is delicious with animal or vegetable milk.

    Yogi Organic Black Chai Tea ingredients and format

    Yogi Organic Black Chai Tea comes in a box containing 17 organic infusion bags.

    Each has black tea, rooibos, black pepper, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, anise, roasted chicory, ginger and cinnamon oil.

    What do you get with Yogi Organic Black Chai Tea ?

    Yogi Organic Black Chai Tea is an intense, deep and very tasty infusion. Offers an intense sensation that improves mood, supporting everyday decision and risk making. Contains black tea, also called Assam, strong and delicious, which gives a sweet, slightly malty flavor. The ginger itself, known in curry, is present with an essence similar to lemon, aromatic and spicy. Cinnamon provides essential oils and natural sweetness. The anise, on the other hand, offers a penetrating and comforting impression.

    The rooibos tea that is part of this Black Chai Tea should not be overlooked. This one offers a fruity and sweet detail. Roasted chicory provides a sour taste and notes similar to coffee through its roots, without involving caffeine in any way. The spicy detail comes from the black pepper, a source of spice that complements this mixture very well. The nail gives it a deep feeling, which highlights all its essence. This completes an excellent invigorating and inspiring infusion. It is special to gain courage, confidence and courage, before new and challenging stages.

    Don't miss out on the incredible sensation that this Yogi Organic Black Chai Tea offers. Thanks to its strong and long-lasting characteristics, this kind of infusion leaves a deep chocolatey sensation on the palate. Therefore, the moment you take a cup with this infusion, you will better enjoy its characteristics with bites made with oranges, vanilla, almonds and honey. It is also a good time to savor buttery, smooth, non-spiced delicacies that will give each bite smoothness, without affecting the aroma or flavor of this wonderful tea.

    Recommended Daily Portion of Yogi Organic Black Chai Tea

    • Put 1 sachet into a cup and add boiling water.
    • Let stand 7 minutes before drinking.
    • It has a very good flavor with animal or vegetable milk.
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