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Super Greens by Yamamoto is a food supplement that combines a variety of active ingredients based on minerals, vitamins, plant extracts and other nutrients that act synergistically to ensure good general health thanks to its various antioxidant, detoxifying, alkalizing properties. rehydrating, among others.

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    Promotes the general good health of your entire body with the extraordinary natural properties that Yamamoto Super Greens offers you

    Super Greens by Yamamoto is a food supplement that takes advantage of the healthy properties and benefits of minerals, vitamins, plants, fruits and vegetables for the improvement of general health and the correct maintenance of the body's functions. In general, on average it is not possible to consume adequate or sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables, among other important foods that provide essential nutrients for the body. Yamamoto Super Greens is a safe and healthy way to take advantage of all the nutrients that these foods have to offer, it also allows you to enjoy antioxidant, immunostimulating, adaptogenic, detoxifying, rehydrating, alkalizing, among others. It also has ingredients that include the most prestigious patented technologies such as KSM-66®, VitaCherry® Sport, HiFiber VitaBerry® and HiFiber VitaVeggie®.

    What are the characteristics of Yamamoto Nutrition Super Greens ?

    • It is a multifunctional supplement with highly healthy properties
    • Supports a healthier lifestyle
    • Includes an excellent variety of vitamins and minerals
    • Made with clean, organically grown fruits and vegetables
    • Has a powerful antioxidant and protective effect on cells
    • It has alkalizing, moisturizing, detoxifying properties, among others.
    • With a formula boosted with natural adaptogens
    • Improves the body's response to stress, anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, etc.
    • Strengthens and improves the functioning of the immune system
    • It has a high fiber content
    • Promotes intestinal transit and prevents constipation
    • Improves energy intake to the body
    • Contains no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives
    • Does not contain sugar
    • Uses the best patented technology on the market

    What's in each serving of Yamamoto Nutrition Super Greens ?

    Super Greens by Yamamoto is a food supplement in powder format, so that you can easily mix with your favorite drink and have on hand and instantly a good amount of healthy and natural nutrients to improve your health.

    Yamamoto's Super Greens is made with a KSM-66® technology fruit, vegetable and vegetable concentrate, VitaCherry® Sport, HiFiber VitaBerry® and HiFiber VitaVeggie®. It also contains vitamins such as vitamin D, E, B6, B9, B12, and minerals such as selenium and iodine. Among other ingredients of 100% natural origin.

    Content per serving (15 g) These values may vary depending on the flavor

    • Contains 1000 mg of spirulina algae
    • It has 500 mg of lyophilized coconut water
    • It has 500 mg of VitaCherry®
    • Contains 300 chlorella algae, among other natural ingredients
    • Provides 1250 µg of beta carotene equivalent to vitamin A
    • Contains 5 µg of vitamin D
    • It has 6.7 µg of vitamin E, among other vitamins
    • Has 50 µg of Selenium
    • Provides 50 µg of Iodine, among other minerals

    What is Yamamoto Nutrition Super Greens taken for ?

    Super Greens by Yamamoto is a food supplement designed to improve general health, offering various healthy properties from excellent 100% natural ingredients, which will help, among other things, to have a healthier life, thanks to its antioxidant action, immunostimulant, adaptogens, among others.

    Yamamoto Super Greens is created for people who want a natural supplement to provide quality nutrients to their body and improve their health.

    Recommended daily dose of Yamamoto Nutrition Super Greens

    • As a food supplement, mix 15 g of Yamamoto Super Greens in 200 ml of water
    • Take the dose only once a day
    • Take daily
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    Cual es la cantidad de grasas, CH y proteinas?? En el envase pone los ingredientes pero no los macros
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