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Vegetable Protein - 750g

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Vegetable Protein from Weider, contains in its formula proteins of peas and rice of top quality, with an aggregate of vegetal extracts and organic cereals. This dietary supplement does not contain lactose, gluten or cholesterol. Vegetable Protein from Weider brings vegan protein to the human body with an exquisite taste and can be consumed by anyone.

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  • Gluten FreeGluten Free
  • VeganVegan
  • Lactose FreeLactose Free
  • What do you take it for?
    What do you take it for?
    Recovery and muscle growth
  • How is it taken?
    How is it taken?
    Dissolve in water, milk or isotonic drink
  • Size per dose
    Size per dose
    One service
  • How many times?
    How many times?
    Once or twice a day
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Vegetable Protein from Weider is a complement created to contribute to the diet of vegans of high quality every day. This formula has been designed with pea and rice proteins. The pea protein is made up of amino acids and is a plant protein that has a high nutritional value, similar to whey protein. Vegetable Protein from Weider contains pea isolate, also known as Pisane C9, which was enriched with rice protein. This combination of the protein of a legume with that of a cereal has achieved a formula of protein of high biological value and of easy digestion. It is a product 100% tolerable by the human organism.

Vegetable Protein from Weider can be consumed by people who need to provide extra protein, such as athletes, seniors and people who are subjected to high physical stress. This product provides clean, safe and natural vegetable proteins. In addition, Vegetable Protein from Weider is free of lactose, gluten and cholesterol. It can also be ingested by people who, although not vegetarian, need to minimize the consumption of animal proteins but without reducing the quality of the proteins. Weider uses an exclusive process to obtain the vegetable proteins that make up this formula. These physical processes are performed without the use of chemical solvents such as hexane.

Vegetable Protein from Weider contains pea protein isolate, or Pisane C9, which is a protein with a high content of amino acids that provides the body with 100% of essential amino acid needs, and is rich in BCAAs, lysine and arginine. It also has rice protein obtained from organic brown rice. It is a protein with high digestibility and rapid assimilation speed, achieving a greater benefit in the maintenance and development of muscles. It contains ModCARB™ which is an innovative ingredient obtained from organic cereals that regulates the absorption and metabolic process of glucose, thus preventing cravings and energy decline.

Vegetable Protein from Weider has Dynamic Fruits & Greens which is a concentrate of plant extracts that have antioxidant substances, polyphenols, that improve health. This supplement is sweetened with stevia, which is a natural sweetener that is obtained from the leaves of Stevia and does not contribute calories to the body. Vegetable Protein from Weider can be consumed by mixing a 30 gram serving into 300 milliliters of water. It can be taken at any time of the day. It is a blend that has a high profile of amino acids ideal for after training, improving the recovery process. 

Vegetable Protein from Weider is a product suitable for vegetarians and vegans that provides a vegan protein 100% free of ingredients of animal origin.

Customer reviews: Vegetable Protein - 750g

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Very good vegan protein that I usually consume sporadically during the year to change from whey
I recommend it because it is a very good product and I will try more flavors in the future, a very top option for vegans.
I like it a lot, it is the one that best suits me digestively and its flavor is not too artificial for me.
I love this protein, I always buy it in mixed fruit flavor, super rich and it dissolves amazing.
a good alternative for people who do not want or tolerate whey or lactose the truth is that from scitec very well
With vegan proteins, digestion must be taken into account because not all of them feel good and this one I can confirm that it feels good
an ideal protein for us vegans or vegetarians highly recommended as it is very well priced and good quality
The truth is that the taste is not bad at all. I have tried several and it is one of the ones that most convinces me to buy again.
Good vegan protein that I usually consume, I usually buy the tropical flavor that for me is the best
Quality protein, it has a good range of flavors, no digestive problems like the whey ones usually give me.
I did not like the taste very much either, what happens is that after buying other similar ones and practically throwing them away being new, I tried this one that is a little better
I did not like the taste very much either, what happens is that after buying other similar ones and practically throwing them away being new, I tried this one that is a little better
Perfect for me, I barely use half a scoop in the morning, but I feel less tired since I've been taking it.
This is the vegan protein that best suits my digestion, the chocolate flavor is very good although it is not very intense
The chocolate flavor is overly artificial, but how well it digests makes up for it.
a protein that for us vegans are more than essential therefore a good hit of protein biem by scitec
a protein that for us vegans are more than essential therefore a good hit of protein biem by scitec
The protein seems very good to me, the quality of the product is noticeable, it dissolves well, it has a good texture, but the chocolate flavor is not the best.
Very good protein with a very successful flavor, for me it is the best option for vegan people
Questions and answers
Estoy buscando una alternativa a otras proteínas ya que estoy embarazada y las advertencias ya indican que no se recomienda la ingesta a embarazadas, como necesito llevar una dieta específica tanto para bajar peso como para no tener ansiedad con la comida y a la vez realizar ejercicio, necesito saber si son indicadas para ingerir durante el embarazo.
2021-12-01 13:54:59 Montse
Buenas tardes,partiendo de una correcta supervisión del medico y no pasándose de las porciones y tomas recomendadas al día una mujer embarazada si puede consumir sin problema este tipo de proteína.
2021-12-01 17:01:51 Joan
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