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Premium Tribulus - 90 capsules

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Premium Tribulus from Weider is a sports supplement made from tribulus terrestris, a plant used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine because of its beneficial properties. Premium Tribulus from Weider is enriched with zinc citrate, and it is recommended for amateur or professional athletes who want to develop muscle mass in a healthy way.

    Improve your performance and increase your muscle mass with Premium Tribulus from Weider, a sports supplement that you cannot leave out of your daily routine.

    Premium Tribulus from Weider contributes to a better performance when practicing any sports. This means that with this sports supplement you can increase the level of quality of the execution of a training routine, which will translate into better sports performance and extraordinary results.

    Premium Tribulus from Weider supports the development of a healthy muscle structure, which will undoubtedly be reflected in muscle growth. In addition, it will also increase energy and endurance levels when exercising during a training session, especially if additional power must be exerted.

    Premium Tribulus from Weider is made from top-quality natural ingredients. It contains tribulus terrestris extract, which is renowned and has been used since ancient times, and provides multiple benefits that support muscle development.

    Facts of Premium Tribulus from Weider:

    • Sports supplement that contains natural ingredients.
    • Made from tribulus terrestris extract.
    • Enriched with zinc citrate of the best quality.
    • Available in a vegetable capsule presentation.
    • Favors muscle development.
    • Contributes to physical endurance.
    • Great for people who perform physical activity of high intensity.
    • Ideal for professional athletes.

    Ingredients and format of Premium Tribulus from Weider:

    Premium Tribulus from Weider comes in vegetable capsules, which are easy to digest and quickly absorbed in the body. This fact will contribute considerably to the obtention of all its nutrients and benefits for greater effectiveness.

    Premium Tribulus from Weider is made from tribulus terrestris extract (Tribulus Terrestris L., 90% saponins).

    Premium Tribulus from Weider also contains anti-caking agents such as magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide and zinc extract, among other ingredients that make this supplement the best and most effective of its kind on the market.

    Content per serving (3 capsules):

    • Contains 1.5 mg of zinc.
    • Contains 1800 mg of extract of tribulus terrestris.

    Benefits of Premium Tribulus from Weider:

    These tablets are perfect for better performance during sports practice, as the ingredients they contain contribute to fulfill body functions of extremely high importance for the proper execution of exercises during training sessions.

    Premium Tribulus from Weider also contributes to increase the levels of energy and endurance. This will benefit in a considerable manner physical and sports performance, especially when it is required carrying out highly demanding activities.

    Premium Tribulus from Weider provides maximum vitality.

    Premium Tribulus from Weider is great for all athletes who perform physical activities frequently or professionally, such as bodybuilding, weight lifting, among other sports that require endurance, strength and excellent physical condition.

    Recommended daily intake of Premium Tribulus from Weider:

    • Take the supplement daily.
    • Take with meals.
    • Take with a glass of water.
    • Take three times a day.
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