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Power Starter - 500 ml

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Power Starter from Weider is an incredible energy drink that contains caffeine and taurine, two ingredients that will boost your physical power. It is a delicious soft drink that also has a very low carbohydrate level and is perfect to consume during any diet. Get an amazing dose of vitality and have an incredible workout!

      Power Starter from Weider is a delicious drink that will give you an incredible energy boost. It contains a content of caffeine and taurine and a low level of carbohydrates!

      Power Starter from Weider is a tasty and energizing soft drink you must have to increase your power during your workout sessions. Combine caffeine from Guarana extract and taurine that will give you an incredible boost on a physical and mental level. Power Starter from Weider is also great for recharging your energy during a busy day.

      Main characteristics of Power Starter from Weider

      • Contains caffeine and taurine that increase your physical capacity.
      • Has a low level of carbohydrates.
      • Quickly increases your physical energy and provides mental clarity.

      What does Power Starter from Weider provide?

      Power Starter from Weider comes in a plastic bottle containing 500 ml of this soft drink.

      Nutrition facts per serving of Power Starter from Weider:

      • 61 kcal of energy.
      • 15 g of carbohydrates, including 15 g of sugars.
      • 4 mg of niacin.
      • 160 mg of caffeine.
      • 2000 mg of taurine.

      Benefits of Power Starter from Weider:

      Power Starter from Weider is a delicious and refreshing energy drink. It offers you a powerful and healthy injection of energy through its 100% natural ingredients. It contains caffeine from guarana extract, which will give you immediate energy.

      In the same way, Power Starter from Weider includes taurine and niacin that also contribute to the increased strength and vitality in general. It also has a very low level of carbohydrates, which makes it suitable to include in any type of diet. Get an incomparable boost to train or even to keep an amazing pace during a very demanding day.

      You have to take advantage of the virtues of caffeine by consuming Power Starter from Weider. You will not find a more refreshing and delicious way to include Power Starter from Weider in your daily workouts. See how endurance to fatigue signals improves, enhancing your performance and helping you increasingly achieve your workout routines.

      In this case, Power Starter from Weider has been obtained from the extract of guarana, a wild fruit that is included in this product. In the same way, Power Starter from Weider has other nutrients such as taurine and niacin that offer incredible support to the metabolism of fats. This incredible soft drink also influences thermogenesis.

      During a very hectic day, you can benefit from the energy boost offered by Power Starter from Weider. You are not the only person continually dealing with multiple daily obligations. Therefore, in those moments when you feel that you will not be able to meet your goals, you can regain power and drive by trying this delicious drink.

      Power Starter from Weider is delicious, refreshing, and very effective. And you can enjoy it anywhere.

      How to take Power Starter from Weider?

      • Take up to 1 bottle a day.
      • Athletes have to drink it before their workouts.
      • Other people can consume it during the day.
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