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Milk organic protein - 300g

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Milk Organic Protein by Weider is a food supplement based on organic and sustainable milk protein, without any content of artificial sweeteners. It is low in saturated fat, making it a composition suitable for people who follow a restrictive and healthy diet.

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    Milk Organic Protein by Weider

    Milk Organic Protein by Weider is a powdered food supplement that provides ecological and sustainable milk protein with a pleasant chocolate flavour. It is a milk protein isolate that provides high purity casein and whey protein, distributed in their natural proportion, providing the perfect combination to support muscle care and recovery.

    Likewise, it has been sweetened and flavored only using sustainable alternatives such as cane sugar and defatted cocoa, both ingredients from organic farming. The quality is determined by the origin of the milk, which comes from cows that graze on the Swiss meadows for at least 234 days a year.

    Essentials of Milk Organic Protein by Weider

    • It is ecological and sustainable milk protein
    • It has no artificial sweeteners
    • It can be used by adults of both sexes
    • It is recommended for athletes

    What ingredients does Milk Organic Protein have?

    Milk Organic Protein by Weider is packaged in a container with 300 g of powdered food supplement.

    Content per dose (25 g):

    • It has an energy value of 89 Kcal
    • It has 0.6 g of fat, of which 0.2 g are saturated fat
    • It has 4.1 g of carbohydrates, of which 3.7 g are sugars
    • It has 16 grams of protein
    • It has 0.05 g of salt

    Recommended daily dose of Milk Organic Protein

    • Mix 25 g of powder with 250 ml of water. Drink 1 shake on a daily basis, preferably after exercising.

    Customer reviews: Milk organic protein - 300g

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    organic milk goes very well to make the digestions well therefore I recommend it and more if it is from weider
    Without a doubt, this type of organic and isolated milk protein has nothing to envy to other proteins, whether they are conventional or high-quality isolates, and other types of protein sources such as hydrolyzate of course I prefer this isolate
    I take it as a whim more than anything else because of the good taste and texture it has for after training or as a snack
    I buy it because it is a quality organic protein with a very good flavor, but you have to keep in mind that it contains a little bit of cane sugar.
    Good protein, I was encouraged to try it to change a little from what I was used to and I liked it a lot
    I have seen the new weider protein that is isolated and does not look bad, the 300g one is clear that it is cheap it is understandable and coming from weider I am sure it is the highest quality I have no doubt I will buy it and I hope that the texture and flavor is perfect !
    I bought this protein to try it about a month ago and it has gone well for me, just a protein
    organic milk that is also a good whey isolate and its quality is not bad I have tried it and it goes well
    I love the texture and flavor that it gives in my shakes using this protein, I usually mix it with fruits and some oatmeal and the result is delicious.
    organic milk for all those exquisite people who really want a high quality protein
    I like it a lot. First, because it dissolves very well in both water and milk and hardly leaves any lumps. Second for the taste
    I bought it to try because I usually buy everything from Weider and well, it has convinced me a lot
    Well, quite a good flavor and it dissolves very well with water, I tried several but for now I will continue with this one.
    I thought about trying this organic protein that says it is isolated and if it is from weider it will have to be good
    Very good protein, it shows that it is of a very high quality and as always the weider flavors are very successful
    I guess with milk it will taste good. It is very low in sugar and carbohydrates. For me this was the criteria of choice.
    a good serum isolate and of very good quality and at a very good price therefore it is highly recommended
    a good serum isolate and of very good quality and at a very good price therefore it is highly recommended
    organic milk is very good for me if you really want to take an isolate with maximum biological value
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