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CBD Plus Massage Cream - 75 ml

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CBD Plus Massage Cream from Weider is a sports massage cream that can provide incredible relief and relaxation during your recovery. It has been made of 99% natural ingredients, including cannabidiol. Enjoy an incredibly comforting sensation, applying it to your body. It will relieve pain, cramps, and allow you to prepare optimally to continue training.

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    CBD Plus Massage Cream from Weider is 100% natural and incredibly comforting. Provide your body with unparalleled relief by using its wonderful properties!

    CBD Plus Massage Cream from Weider is a cream that provides excellent properties, which will help you train optimally. It contains 99% natural ingredients, one of which is cannabidiol that offers anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant virtues. It also contains arnica, uccuba butter, calendula and eucalyptus. It is excellent for preparing your muscles for demanding workouts. It will help you recover if you suffer from injuries or sprains, and will also provide deep decongestion and excellent muscle relief at the end of the day. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits will allow you to give your best when doing any physical activity.

    You can trust the components included in CBD Plus Massage Cream from Weider. One of its featured ingredients is cannabidiol that comes from hemp. When applied topically it can help decrease muscle swelling and relax stressed parts of the body. Calendula does something similar, it offers excellent benefits for irritations in the epidermis and also contributes to antiseptic properties. To this we must add the calming virtues of arnica, the purifying effects of eucalyptus and the regenerative benefits of uccuba butter. This combination provides a relaxing and restorative sensation for skin and muscles.

    Whenever you have trained you should resort to CBD Plus Massage Cream from Weider. You should use it even if you have not had sprains or strains. And much more if you have injured yourself. If you use it before training or competing, you will be providing your body with a predisposition quite similar to what is sought with warm-up exercises. On the other hand, if you do it after workouts, you will be assured of excellent relaxation and further strengthening during your recovery. Enjoy the incredible sensation this cream provides, which will loosen tension, knots and help you perform with more power and muscle capacity.

    Facts of CBD Plus Massage Cream from Weider:

    • Contains 99% natural ingredients
    • Provides the benefits of cannabidiol.
    • Provides relaxation, deflation and comfort.

    CBD Plus Massage Cream from Weider is smooth, fresh and incredibly soothing. Do not miss out on its 100% natural components that have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing and purifying benefits, including cannabidiol which helps to relieve tension and promotes excellent rest. CBD Plus Massage Cream from Weider provides you with a wonderful sensation on your skin, and also contributes to active ingredients that promote relaxation and a very favorable recovery from injuries. CBD Plus Massage Cream from Weider is excellent to prepare before doing exercises and also incredible to apply after your workouts. CBD Plus Massage Cream from Weider can be an excellent way to take care of yourself and to train giving your best.

    Customer reviews: CBD Plus Massage Cream - 75 ml

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    one of the best creams for muscular aticulations since the relief it generates and the truth is that the pain really disappears and without a doubt a gap not to trust since with weider it is a supplement more than guaranteed of 100x100 extreme quality
    How well this cream for joint pain is going since I am applying it I notice a lot of improvement
    After a great sports or fitness training this cream will help you to relieve yourself and to recover, it is a 100x100 natural cream. excellent for avoiding any other cramps, pain etc, favoring recovery so you can continue training
    I have been testing it for several weeks since I bought it online and the truth is that this weider cream for joints is great for me, it was recommended to me by a co-worker who is using it, it has greatly reduced the pain and inflammation that I suffered.
    They recommended this particular cream made of cbd for the joints, since I have been suffering from them for a few months, I used to take the typical shark cartilage or glucosamine that people at the gym usually recommend. well
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