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Whey matrix 50/50 - 2kg

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Whey Matrix 50/50 from Vitobest is a food supplement specially designed for the most demanding athletes. With 45% of a protein blend of CFM WPI 90 whey protein isolate and WPI 80 whey protein concentrate, plus 40% high-quality carbohydrates.

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    Whey Matrix 50/50 by Vitobest

    • It has a 45% protein mix: whey protein isolate (CFM WPI 90) and whey protein concentrate (WPC 80)
    • It has 40% carbohydrates with different absorption rates
    • It has creatine (Creapure) and L-glutamine (Ajinomoto)
    • Helps build and preserve muscle mass

    Whey Matrix 50/50 from Vitobest is a natural food supplement specially designed for the most demanding athletes. It has a protein mix made up of CFM WPI 90 whey protein isolate and WPI 80 whey protein concentrate, and 40% carbohydrates with different absorptions that contribute to the recharge of glycogen stores after exercise and also provide instant energy .

    These proteins are of recognized quality on the market, helping to increase and preserve muscle mass and normal bone function. In addition, Whey Matrix 50/50 from Vitobest contains the best creatine on the market (Creapure) and L-glutamine from Ajinomoto, resulting in a final product that helps to improve the size, strength and resistance of the muscles, thus avoiding muscle catabolism.

    • It has a protein mixture that consists of 2 sources with different absorption rates (whey protein isolate and concentrate)
    • It has an excellent ratio between carbohydrates and proteins
    • Contributes to the improvement of the size, strength and resistance of the muscles
    • Provides the necessary energy for your training
    • Helps to recharge glycogen stores

    Product declarations (claims)

    • Proteins help increase muscle mass
    • Proteins help preserve muscle mass
    • Proteins help maintain bones in normal conditions

    Recommended daily dose of Whey Matrix 50/50 from Vitobest

    Take 30 gr (1 scoop) mixed with 250 ml of water 1 or 2 times a day, one of them after training

    Customer reviews: Whey matrix 50/50 - 2kg

    13 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    One of the best mass gainers I have tried, it has helped me a lot to develop muscle mass without taking on a lot of belly
    Very happy with this gainer for how well it is going for me to gain muscle mass without accumulating much fat
    When looking for a clean and prolonged rise, it is the one that is working best for me, it provides an optimal proportion of hydrates and proteins.
    The best for increasing mass progressively, it is digested wonderfully and the results are quite good.
    Very good mass gainer, one of my favorites in terms of this range of products, I usually take it and it goes very, very well
    I am climbing pretty clean with the help of this supplement. I'm liking it a lot and now that it's over I'll continue with it.
    One of the best options to increase muscle mass quickly and without digestive discomfort
    a product with 50% carbohydrates and proteins, therefore highly recommended for better performance
    A product that has worked much better for me than any gainer, quality mass is gained due to the good hydrate/protein ratio.
    The proportion is very good and it is the best thing for me to take after training, the results in mass gain and recovery are noticeable.
    a supplement that by combining carbohydrates and protein is a good post-workout that is not far behind
    very good product, the truth is, I recommend it, it shows a lot, it is not expensive, this brand always goes well opujiop
    a protein of percentages of 50 to 50 to get to have a good body mass, therefore buy it
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    2022-10-28 15:58:27 Álvaro
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