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Ubiquinol - 50 softgels

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Ubiquinol by Vitobest is the ultimate antioxidant, following the highest quality standards, and manufactured using its core element ubiquinol CoQ10 from KanekaTM technology, which is the global leader of high-quality and easily assimilated ubiquinol. It effectively fights free radicals.

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    Ubiquinol by Vitobest, the best high-tech antioxidant supplement, easy to assimilate and also extremely bioactive.

    Ubiquinol by Vitobest is a powerful antioxidant, created to slow down the oxidative effect of cells that cause their displacement and progressive aging, which is increased from the age of 40.

    Ubiquinol by Vitobest has CoQ10, a powerful coenzyme known for its excellent antioxidant benefits, and identified to fight against free radicals that damage cells. This product uses CoQ10 with KanekaTM technology which is easy assimilated and highly bioactive. It gives cellular energy, promoting the optimal functioning of muscles and important organs like the heart.

    CoQ10 Coenzyme is an antioxidant that produces natural effect in the body. Over the time, the body loses the ability to produce these amounts that can produce a decrease in cell-damaging free radicals. That is why, the administration of this coenzyme through a diet is necessary, although sometimes they do not help to have optimal levels of CoQ10 or are not assimilated in an effective way.

    Ubiquinol by Vitobest offers an excellent supplement with the ideal amounts of high-quality CoQ10, which is easily assimilated by the body, promoting energy production in cells and preventing oxidation.

    Ubiquinol by Vitobest, is also perfect for sportpeople and athletes who are sometimes controlled by the high oxidative stress caused by physical training. It is the best supplement to fight the effect of cellular wear caused by intense exercise, improving the state of the muscles, providing them with energy, keeping the muscle mass in excellent condition, promoting an effective training and with better results. Vitobest offers a leading production technology of ubiquinol KanekaTM. It is a GMO free supplement, made with high quality methods.

    Benefits of Ubiquinol by Vitobest

    • It is a powerful antioxidant
    • It fights cell aging
    • It is effective in the fight against free radicals
    • It promotes the production of cellular energy
    • It is an easily assimilable product
    • It is extremely bioactive
    • It has high-tech KanekaTM CoQ10
    • It is GMO free

    Characteristics of each 100g of product: 

    • It has an energy value of 2953.9kj / 706kcal
    • It contains 64.3g of fats, of which only 4.7g are saturated
    • Its carbohydrate content is 31.8g
    • It contains 0.06g of sugar
    • The amount of protein is 0.5g

    Ubiquinol by Vitobest is the definitive supplement. It is a healthy and effective antioxidant that gives your body the necessary CoQ10 for an efficient fight against free radicals, cell strengthening and energy production in cells. It also delays the oxidative effect, offering better health and physical performance.

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take a daily capsule, preferably combined with some food.

    Customer reviews: Ubiquinol - 50 softgels

    9 Reviews
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    Quality, price and quantity, unbeatable this product.
    Quality, price and quantity, unbeatable this product.
    Very good product, a friend who was already taking it began to recommend it to me and it works very well for me, recommended
    a good antioxidant and more if it is from the vitobest brand without a doubt excellent quality
    One of the best antioxidants I have tried, it is worth paying a little more for the quality of the product!
    One of the best antioxidants I have tried, it is worth paying a little more for the quality of the product!
    Ubiquinol the original, hard to find and the competent price.
    good antioxidant and with vitobest quality does not fail quality product
    good antioxidant and with vitobest quality does not fail quality product
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