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Rice flour - 1 kg

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Rice Flour by Vitobest is a nutritious and versatile food, since it is 100% natural rice flour. It keeps all the nutritional benefits of this cereal, making it the perfect complement for people with gluten sensitivity. So, you can prepare many healthy recipes that will efficiently contribute to your balanced diet.

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    Prepare different healthy and nutritious recipes with this wonderful Rice Flour by Vitobest.

    Rice Flour by Vitobest is a highly nutritious and healthy food, since it is 100% natural rice flour. It keeps the nutritional benefits of this cereal in a natural way. It is the perfect complement for people who need or want to add gluten-free food. You can be as creative as you want and prepare many healthy recipes that will contribute to achieve a good health and your physical goals. The versatility of rice flour, makes it one of the most common ingredients, especially widely used in baking, so you can prepare rich desserts with this flour. It is also perfect for preparing healthy breads, pastas and battered food.


    What is Rice Flour by VitoBest?

    • It is an excellent high quality rice flour
    • It is nutritious and very versatile
    • It is perfect for people with gluten sensitivity
    • It helps you to prepare many different healthy recipes
    • It collaborates with a healthy and balanced diet
    • It has no artificial components of any kind
    • It is available in different delicious flavours: Maria Cookie, Brownie, Lemon Cake, and Banana Cake


    Ingredients and format of Rice Flour by VitoBest

    This foodstuff is packaged in bag of 1 Kg of powder. It has the right amounts of its ingredients that make it a safe product. In addition, it has no artificial components of any kind, guaranteeing its extraordinary quality.

    Rice Flour by VitoBest has rice flour, flavourings, sodium chloride and sweetener: sucralose

    Content per 100 gr (brownie flavour), the values ​​may vary according to the flavour:

    • It has an energy value of 354.97 Kcal
    • It has 1.46 g of fats, of which 0.54 gr are saturated
    • It contains 76.64 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.50 gr are sugars
    • It has 8.31 g of protein

    What is achieved with VitoBest Rice Flour?

    Rice Flour by VitoBest has vitamins, minerals and fiber, so it is perfect to keep a good health and also an excellent muscle mass if you exercise on a daily basis. This product is rich in protein, as rice provides up to 60% of the total protein of a diet. You can prepare many different types of recipes, such as desserts, bread, among others, with the satisfaction of eating a healthy product.

    Rice Flour by Vitobest is perfect for athletes with gluten sensitivity or anyone looking for a healthy and nutritious option to prepare their desserts and meals, without modifying their healthy diet.


    Recommended daily dose of Rice Flour by VitoBest

    • Use this amazing flour to prepare many healthy recipes
    • Use it to prepare breakfasts and desserts

    Customer reviews: Rice flour - 1 kg

    40 Reviews
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    A very effective hydrate in order to replenish quickly and richly after training. The flavors are very good, although the best is biscuit (they literally look like crushed marie biscuits).
    It is one of the best hydrates to use in post-workout solid food, since being a hydrate with some GI, it allows us a faster recovery by replenishing our glycogen stores. This time I tried the banana flavor, but the truth is, I didn't like it very much ...
    Very good rice flour, the flavor of lemon cake is the one I like the most and it has a good texture
    The truth is that since I'm consuming rice flour I'm doing better and I do better digestion
    we delicious these rice cereals and the truth is that I did not expect anything less from vitobest, a top brand
    I used to buy oatmeal from the same Vitobest house and it was great for the mornings, but my nutritionist made me change rice flour, which is a little more expensive but also worth it, the most noticeable in my workouts and recoveries
    Good variety of flavors, fair price. I recommend the brownie one, which is the one I always order.
    super good and effective, to combine with shakes for after workouts is the maximum, it helps a lot to charge the body with energy and combined with protes it is great for muscle gain
    super good and effective, to combine with shakes for after workouts is the maximum, it helps a lot to charge the body with energy and combined with protes it is great for muscle gain
    a very good alternative to conventional oatmeal cream of rice very important for diets
    Very good rice flour, without a doubt one of the best I've tried in terms of flavor and texture
    If I compare with the cookie flavor, the banana cake flavor has seemed very weak. Other than that, a pretty good post workout product.
    They dissolve very well, the rice pudding is tremendous and the banana one too. I recommend them
    I use it for cakes with egg whites and to make biscuits and they come out very well and have a good flavor
    I tolerate it much better than oatmeal, resulting in a much lighter digestion and a fairly good taste.
    The brownie flavor is very rich and, in addition, it is a product that is digested very easily and quickly. A tad more expensive than oatmeal, but a superior product in my operior.
    For the biscuits it is the one that best suits me, it is amazing how successful the vanilla and marie biscuit flavors are.
    My favorite breakfast to start the day, I mix a scoop of protein with one or two of flour and that's it
    The cookie flavor is one of the best I have tried, very good dissolution of the product. The quality is noted.
    Vito's rice flour tastes very good, both biscuit and cuttlefish, it is perfect for pastries, not so much in smoothies.
    Questions and answers
    2023-03-19 00:49:44 e
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    ¿Contiene gluten?
    2023-02-09 08:56:41 Jose
    Hola Jose, la harina de arroz no contiene gluten. Saludos
    2023-02-09 09:53:23 Jose Antonio
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    esta harina está precocida? se puede consumir en batidos?
    2022-02-16 12:16:57 alex
    Hola Álex, la harina de arroz de vito no está precocida, se puede consumir en batidos, pero el uso más recomendado es para repostería. Espero haberte servido de ayuda. Muchas gracias por confiar en MasMusculo.
    2022-02-16 17:51:57 Joel
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