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Rice cream - 600g

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Vitobest Cream of Rice is a delicious cream of rice made with a composition based on rice semolina of the highest quality, ideal for raising energy levels and obtaining a good dose of carbohydrates after physical training.

    • Gluten FreeGluten Free
    • VeganVegan

      VitoBest Rice Cream

      • It is a food supplement that is very low in sugar and easy to digest, made with a formula based on the highest quality rice semolina.
      • Rice semolina is a gluten-free product that is obtained through the grinding of the rice grain and that has a composition rich in vitamins (vitamin D, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin) and minerals (iron and calcium), which They allow to protect and strengthen the functioning of the body, promote intestinal transit, regulate blood pressure and help reduce bad cholesterol or LDL.

      What is VitoBest Cream of Rice taken for?

      • Ideal to guarantee an extra dose of energy.
      • It allows to encourage the formation of good cholesterol or HDL and minimize the concentration of bad cholesterol.
      • Helps maintain a healthy, nutritious and delicious diet.
      • It allows to obtain a good source of carbohydrates after sports activities.
      • Ideal to incorporate in the preparation of sports drinks or protein shakes.

      Why buy Cream of Rice ?

      • It has an excellent source of protein, providing 3.1 grams per serving.
      • It contains a composition based on natural ingredients, gluten-free and with a very low glycemic index.
      • Ideal to be consumed by celiacs, diabetics, vegans, athletes and active people who want to maintain a healthy diet, control cholesterol and increase energy.
      • Available in vanilla, neutral and chocolate flavour.

      How do you take Cream of Rice ?

      • Dissolve 30 gr of semolina in 250 ml of water or beverage of preference.
      • Consume at breakfast, snack, dinner or as a pre or post workout food.

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      Customer reviews: Rice cream - 600g

      87 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      3 stars
      A very effective hydrate in order to replenish quickly and richly after training. The flavors are very good, although the best is biscuit (they literally look like crushed marie biscuits).
      1 kg
      VERY GOOD PRODUCT I really recommend it and the truth is that it is not expensive for the time we are oiupuioyiou
      1 kg
      It is one of the best hydrates to use in post-workout solid food, since being a hydrate with some GI, it allows us a faster recovery by replenishing our glycogen stores. This time I tried the banana flavor, but the truth is, I didn't like it very much ...
      1 kg
      Very good rice flour, the flavor of lemon cake is the one I like the most and it has a good texture
      1 kg
      The truth is that since I'm consuming rice flour I'm doing better and I do better digestion
      1 kg
      Quick to prepare and perfect for digestion. I take it after training with some prote and it goes in great.
      1 kg
      Very good rice flour, I use it daily both to make pancakes and to complement my protein shake
      1 kg
      we delicious these rice cereals and the truth is that I did not expect anything less from vitobest, a top brand
      1 kg
      I used to buy oatmeal from the same Vitobest house and it was great for the mornings, but my nutritionist made me change rice flour, which is a little more expensive but also worth it, the most noticeable in my workouts and recoveries
      1 kg
      Good texture, delicious flavors, it is never lacking in my breakfast, a basic in my monthly purchase of supplements.
      As rice is a lighter cereal than oatmeal, I prefer it when I have to eat a lot because digestion is easier
      1 kg
      Good variety of flavors, fair price. I recommend the brownie one, which is the one I always order.
      1 kg
      I make a porridge with protein that goes wonderfully after training and is very comfortable to drink. Top product in my pantry!
      1 kg
      super good and effective, to combine with shakes for after workouts is the maximum, it helps a lot to charge the body with energy and combined with protes it is great for muscle gain
      1 kg
      Tired of so much oatmeal, with the rice flour I feel lighter now, especially in digestion
      1 kg
      Ideal for preparing pastry foods or to add as an intake throughout the day to meet the person's caloric needs. Good flavors and quite a variety.
      super good and effective, to combine with shakes for after workouts is the maximum, it helps a lot to charge the body with energy and combined with protes it is great for muscle gain
      1 kg
      How good and rich is rice flour, the truth is that it is much better than the alternative to oatmeal
      1 kg
      a very good alternative to conventional oatmeal cream of rice very important for diets
      1 kg
      Very good rice flour, without a doubt one of the best I've tried in terms of flavor and texture
      1 kg
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