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R-ala - 50 capsules

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R-ALA from Vitobest is a food supplement whose formula provides good amounts of alpha-lipoic acid, 100% racemic of high purity and free of organic solvents, with Alipure® technology, which is characterized by its antioxidant properties that promote health cell phone. It is made in vegetable capsules that allow an easy and safe intake.

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      R-ALA by Vitobest

      R-ALA by Vitobestes is a supplement formulated based on alpha-lipoic acid, also known as R-ALA. It uses a highly pure form of this substance, with patented Alipure® technology.

      Alpha-lipoic acid is recognized for its antioxidant properties that benefit cellular health and protection against free radicals.

      Properties of VitoBest R-ALA

      • Made with high purity 100% racemic alpha-lipoic acid
      • Has natural antioxidant properties
      • They promote cellular health
      • It is made without solvents

      What ingredients does R-ALA have ?

      R-ALA from Vitobest is created in a format of vegetable capsules of easy dosage and digestion, in a bottle presentation with 50 units.

      Each vegetable capsule has the following specifications

      • Contains 125 mg of Alipure® Alpha-Lipoic Acid (100% racemic)

      Recommended daily dose of R-ALA

      • As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 1 capsule a day, preferably with a meal.

      Customer reviews: R-ala - 50 capsules

      46 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      3 stars
      An excellent price for a product of such good quality thanks to its raw material. Powerful antioxidant to keep us healthy and performing!
      50 capsules
      A good product, a necessary supplement with a view to the long term.
      50 capsules
      The quality is one of the best and although the quantity is not as large as in others, it works wonderfully.
      50 capsules
      Good alpha lipoic acid, a lot of quality at a very reasonable price. Totally recommended. a 10.
      50 capsules
      Very good quality of the raw material and a powerful supplement in order to enjoy good performance and good health in general. Tremendous Vitobest brand !!
      50 capsules
      the alpha lipoic acid that is more than essential for the serious athlete focused on bodybuilding
      50 capsules
      The price seems great seeing the raw material with which it is made. Essential product.
      50 capsules
      The quality of this R-ALA is very good and it works great, great product and very cheap price.
      50 capsules
      alpha lipoic acid should not be missing in the diet of any serious athlete highly recommended
      50 capsules
      Alpha lipoic acid in definition works great, I put it about 20 minutes before breakfast
      50 capsules
      Outstanding quality and price of this R-Ala, the best antioxidants to keep our body in proper functioning.
      50 capsules
      Very good antioxidant, the truth is that I trust the quality of vitobest a lot and it has always given me good results
      50 capsules
      One of the best in terms of quality (you just have to see its raw material), although the dose should be somewhat higher per capsule.
      50 capsules
      Although the quantity per dose is lower than that of other brands, the fact that the patent is Alipure guarantees the exquisite quality of the product, thereby eliminating the need for a higher dose. Its price, in line with the quality and efficiency it offers! : D
      50 capsules
      If you are one of the people who likes to train seriously, then this r wing supplement should not be missing from your diet.
      50 capsules
      Although the quantity per dose is lower than that of other brands, the fact that the patent is Alipure guarantees the exquisite quality of the product, thereby eliminating the need for a higher dose. Its price, in line with the quality and efficiency it offers! : D
      50 capsules
      With the majority of r-ala I repeat myself and it gives me burning and discomfort, with this perfect one !!! besides noticing it more in the appetite
      50 capsules
      It is the first time that I take it and after a few days you do feel much better, both physically and mentally.
      50 capsules
      Very good product, I really recommend it, it is quite noticeable and it is a good brand, it is reliable, uyg
      50 capsules
      Good product from vitobest, with the best ALIPURE patent. I take it on an empty stomach to improve insulin sensitivity.
      50 capsules
      Questions and answers
      Buenos dias , Mi pregunta es si este producto va bien para el dolor neuropatico. y si es R o es R y S Saludos.
      2023-07-11 11:58:01 Maria
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      Hola, como debo tomar este producto, antes de la comida, en ayunas? Y cuantas al día?. Gracias
      2021-10-19 23:02:56 Francisco
      El Ácido Alfa Lipoico puedes tomarlo perfectamente en ayunas ya que no es necesario que vaya acompañado de alimentos para su absorción.
      2021-10-20 09:19:50 FELIX
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      Nombre del producto sospechoso. Se llama R ALA, pero es el escenario R y S. Da lugar a engaño. Me gusta la marca, pero con este producto no han acertado en el marketing. La forma activa del acido alfalipoico es el R, y si viene como racemato al 50 % de cada isomero solo estaremos aprovechando la mitad del producto. De ahí su precio más bajo que otros que sí llevan exclusivamente el isomero óptico (enantiómero) R
      2021-06-05 04:21:30 Rebeca
      ¡Buenos días! La descripción del producto, en la propia web del fabricante, además de su propio etiquetado, confirma que se trata de ácido a-lipoico 100% racémico. Por otro lado, este producto ha sido elaborado con Alipure, la marca más destacada en este sector. ¡Saludos y muchas gracias!
      2021-06-05 09:15:39 JAVI
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