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Pure omega 3 epa+dha - 90 capsules

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Pure Omega 3 EPA+DHA from Vitobest is a food supplement that provides omega 3 fatty acids in a more concentrated form (triglyceride), of the highest quality and purity, under the Goldenomega® guarantee. This excellent formula mainly helps to maintain brain, visual and cardiovascular health in optimal conditions.

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      Pure Omega 3 EPA+DHA from VitoBest

      • It is a food supplement in liquid capsules based on omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in triglyceride form, of maximum purity and high quality, from concentrated fish oil of the patented Goldenomega® brand.

      • Omega 3 fatty acids are nutrients that the body cannot synthesize, so their intake through food or supplementation is recommended.

      What is Pure Omega 3 EPA+DHA from VitoBest taken for?

      • Contributes to the normal functioning of the heart.

      • Helps maintain normal brain function.

      • Contributes to the maintenance of vision in normal conditions.

      • Helps maintain cardiovascular health in good condition.

      Why buy Pure Omega 3 EPA+DHA ?

      • Provides 40% EPA and 30% DHA per recommended daily dose.

      • It is omega 3 in the form of triglyceride (a natural form of lipids to which our body is accustomed), which considerably increases its efficacy and bioavailability.

      • It is a practically transparent product without odor or taste, and it does not produce the typical gastric reflux that is so annoying.

      • It comes in state-of-the-art liquid capsules, which guarantees optimum conservation and correct diffusion in the digestive tract.

      • It has extremely low levels of heavy metals, contaminants and impurities.

      • Suitable for celiac people.

      How do you take Pure Omega 3 EPA+DHA ?

      • Take 1 liquid capsule 1 to 3 times daily with food.

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      Customer reviews: Pure omega 3 epa+dha - 90 capsules

      9 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      It's the one that works best for me of all the ones I've tried., good price and super quality, I give it a very good score
      90 capsules
      the omega 3 more than essential since for a serious athlete it should not be missing the supply of anyone who likes to train
      90 capsules
      I love this omega, it is the best of the best, I have been trying several of the highest quality and this is the best.
      90 capsules
      What matters is the concentration of EPA and DHA in the oil it contains and the concentration of Vitobest is one of those that pays off the most
      90 capsules
      Incredible quality and proportion of EPA and DHA, very happy with the purchase and the service provided.
      90 capsules
      Very good product, a high quality omega 3 with a good concentration of epa and dha, highly recommended
      90 capsules
      omega 3 that the truth is that if it is from vitobest it is guaranteed maximum
      90 capsules
      90 capsules
      I didn't know it but now that I have discovered it, it will be my main Omega 3 supplement due to the high concentration of EPA and DHA
      90 capsules
      Questions and answers
      ¿Qué tamaño tienen las perlas? ¿Dejan olor o sabor a pescado?
      2022-10-22 21:22:09 Manny
      Las perlas tienen un tamaño poco menos que una habichuela y no dejan sabor ni olor. Por lo tanto, no dejarán olor ni sabor a pescado al consumir el producto Pure Omega 3 EPA+DHA - 90 Cápsulas Líquidas.
      2022-10-24 09:17:05 Rafael
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