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Monster gainer 2200 - 3,5 kg

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Monster Gainer is a powerful weight gainer created and designed by Vitobest. This product is a complete food that causes the increase of the volume of muscle mass quickly. Monster Gainer from Vitobest contains in its formula creatine monohydrate, which influences the increase of stamina and strength in the human body.

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    Monster Mass Vitobest: Promotes Accelerated Growth

    Monster Mass Vitobest is a weight-gain supplement that promotes accelerated muscle growth.

    With creatine monohydrate Creapure®, the best creatine on the market.

    It promotes quick physical development, favors gaining fat-free muscle mass, increases strength and energy, improves recovery, prevents muscle catabolism.

    The formula combines high quality proteins and simple and complex carbohydrates that provide energy in the short and long term.

    With oatmeal, the carbohydrate that provides great benefits to bodybuilders, and dextrose, with powerful volumizing effect.

    Monster Mass Vitobest provides 22% ultrafiltered whey protein, rich in BCAAs and L-Glutamine, which promotes the development of lean muscle mass. It provides an optimal ratio of L-glutamine for recovery and branched-chain amino acids to enhance muscle growth and prevent catabolism.

    It contains 5% Creapure® creatine monohydrate, the best creatine on the market, for an exponential increase in strength and endurance. Creapure® is the highest purity creatine monohydrate, produced in Germany by the AlzChem laboratory. Creatine increases maximum strength over prolonged exercise, maintains and replenishes energy during training, and prevents the depletion of muscle glycogen stores as well as muscle protein.

    It combines high and low glycemic index carbohydrates. Oatmeal is slow to absorb and high in fiber, helps gain muscle mass and develop the physical, and dextrose monohydrate, more effective than dextrose, is one of the highest glycemic index carbohydrates, produces a response of Insulin and mobilizes creatine intramuscularly for a powerful volumizing effect.

    Facts of Monster Mass Vitobest

    • Promotes quick physical development
    • Promotes fat-free muscle mass gain
    • Increases strength and energy
    • Improves recovery
    • Prevents muscle catabolism
    • Provides 2200 calories to the diet
    • Low in fat
    • With creatine Creapure®, the best creatine on the market
    • Excellent value for money

    Monster Mass Vitobest is a nutritional supplement of excellent performance, developed especially for high performance athletes. Developed by Vitobest, a company with great trajectory dedicated to the production of a new generation of sports nutrition products.

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement take 3 times a day (175 grams) preferably before and after training, or only after training.

    Customer reviews: Monster gainer 2200 - 3,5 kg

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    4 stars
    very effective, for the increase of muscle mass goes very well, you have to take it for at least several months to be able to notice good results
    very effective, for the increase of muscle mass goes very well, you have to take it for at least several months to be able to notice good results
    I always use it to gain volume, it is perfect you take on kilos fast, good taste and a trusted brand vitobest.
    I add a couple of shakes to my three or four solid meals, soon after I noticed an increase in pesos, I will continue using it and hoping to continue with the rise.
    My preparer recommended this shake to gain weight and at the moment it is working very well
    A fairly powerful gainer with very good quality ingredients and composition. I advise starting with the minimum dose and, from there, checking results.
    A gainer that, whenever I have taken it in my volume stages, has made things much easier for me, because it costs me horrors to climb. Although it is quite loaded, it is not excessively heavy to digest. Except for the strawberry flavor, all very good.
    I had not tried this gainer, but I was surprised at how good it feels, not being excessively heavy on its digestion like others. In addition, the cookie flavor is tremendous !!
    The best weight gainer, I always get it and I love it, the biscuit flavor of 10 and above low in sugars.
    One of the best options if you are looking for a gainer: powerful, very rich flavor and quality ingredients. Consuming it in the right amounts, guaranteed results! : D
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