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Monacolina q10 plus - 50 capsules

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Monacolin Q10 Plus from Vitobest is a food supplement made up of a formula based on monacolin from red yeast rice and coenzyme Q-10, ideal for controlling cholesterol levels, improving energy metabolism and balancing blood glucose.

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    VitoBest Monacolin Q10 Plus

    • It is a food supplement made with a composition based on red rice yeast (4% monacolin K), coenzyme Q10 fermented by yeast (Kaneka) and sugar cane policosanols (10% octacosanol).
    • Monacolin K is an active compound that is naturally present in red yeast rice and that, thanks to its principles, helps to inhibit cholesterol synthesis.
    • Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that is produced naturally by the body and is ideal for helping to protect cells against free radicals, fighting fatigue and boosting the functions of the immune system.

    What is VitoBest Monacolin Q10 Plus taken for?

    • Helps balance cholesterol levels.
    • It allows to optimize energy metabolism.
    • Ideal for reducing hypertension and controlling blood sugar levels.
    • Minimizes signs of fatigue.
    • Helps control muscle pain and weakness.

    Why buy Monacolin Q10 Plus ?

    • It has a composition with sugar cane policosanols (10% octacosanol), a nutritional supplement that helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise good or healthy cholesterol (HDL).
    • Ideal to be used by athletes, active women and men who seek to significantly control blood sugar levels, balance hypertension and maintain the well-being of the body.
    • Suitable to be used by people with celiac disease and with a vegan diet.
    • Contains a composition free of titanium dioxide.

    How is Monacolin Q10 Plus taken?

    • Take 1 vegetable capsule, preferably daily.

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    Customer reviews: Monacolina q10 plus - 50 capsules

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    Since I've been using this product, I've been doing great and, thank God, my cholesterol has gone down.
    As is already being discussed here, monacolin is very good for lowering cholesterol levels naturally
    This type of product always comes in handy, especially when we turn our birthday or at a cardio vascular level, things go a bit twisted.
    It helps to control cholesterol and the truth is that it works well, since the statins left me very tired
    I have somewhat high cholesterol and they recommended me to try monacolin to lower the level and it has improved.
    My nutritionist recommended it to me for its excellent nutritional composition, to help with the issue of cholesterol
    I suffer a lot from cholesterol and since I took the product my bad cholesterol has dropped a lot
    if you want to lower cholesterol levels then this is your ideal product because yes or yes it is effective
    For somewhat elevated cholesterol, they recommended me to try monacolin and I can say that it has improved my levels.
    Questions and answers
    Bom dia, foi-me entregue á momentos 1 vitobest que comprei á vossa firma, no site informa que contem 10mg de monacolina k na embalagem que recebi 2,6mg, em que ficamos? Obrigado
    2022-08-09 12:38:41 José Alexandre
    Olá José, é verdade que na web diz que tem 10mg, temos que atualizá-lo, pois as doses de suplementos de monacolina foram reduzidas recentemente. A dose correta é a indicada pelo produto Vitobest, pois, de acordo com os últimos estudos, verificou-se que era melhor usar uma dose menor. Saudações.
    2022-08-09 13:52:55 Jose Antonio
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