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4men - 30 capsules

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4Men from Vitobest is a food supplement based on natural ingredients, specifically designed to help men's sexual health. It comes in vegetarian capsules suitable for vegans and free of titanium dioxide.

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    4Men by Vitobest

    • High quality food supplement
    • Made with completely natural ingredients
    • Helps improve men's sexual health
    • Available in vegetarian capsules suitable for vegans and free of titanium dioxide

    4Men by Vitobest is a 100% natural food supplement specifically designed to help improve sexual health in men.

    Its well-developed formula combines the action of Primavie, maca, fenugreek and Oxystorm, to help stimulate circulation and increase vasodilation, efficiently helping to regain desire and increase vigor.

    4Men from Vitobest is a food supplement endorsed by multiple scientific studies, which makes it totally safe.

    The key: increased peripheral circulation and testosterone.

    Its high Primavie content helps to increase not only free but also total testosterone, thus supporting libido, sexuality, erection and increasing energy.

    Likewise, its content in Oxystorm and Miura Puama, contributes to increasing the peripheral pelvic circulation and the production of nitric oxide.

    Increase in stamina.

    It has the best quality extracts of ashwagandha and Rhamponticum carthamoides, which are powerful adaptogens that prolong the time in sexual intercourse, increasing pleasure and reducing recovery time, in order to achieve a higher level of satisfaction.

    The importance of nitric oxide.

    The erection is initiated through parasympathetic stimulation that causes the release of nitric oxide in the vascular endothelium and in the nerve endings; here lies the fundamental role of nitric oxide in the erection process, although it depends on a complex interaction of many factors.

    4Men by Vitobest is composed of:


    • It contributes to improving male sexual health, increasing both testosterones (free and total), as well as nitric oxide levels.

    MacaFull (0.6% macanes and macamides):

    • It is a maca extract with 0.6% macanes and macamides, consisting of the purest extract in active principle on the market. It also improves sexual desire and increases fertility.
    • According to a study done to men with mild erectile dysfunction in 2009 in Italy, confirmed the positive effects of maca in the regulation of this disorder. Obtaining better results in those men who consumed maca.
    • Maca increases libido and positively modulates sexual behavior, this according to numerous studies.
    • Maca can influence the portion of testosterone that is not bound to the protein globulin, which binds sex hormones; This is known as "free testosterone", since most of the testosterone in the blood is bound to this protein.

    Rhamponticum cartamoides:

    • It acts as a powerful adaptogen that increases dynamic work capacity, helping to decrease recovery time and extend pleasure.

    Muira Puama:

    • It works by increasing blood flow to the pelvic area, helping to prolong erections in men. All this in the short term.
    • Its long-term use increases the production of sex hormones in both sexes.
    • Androfen (fenugreek extract):
    • Its main active component is furostanol, boosted to 75%.
    • It increases serum testosterone in healthy men, both older and middle-aged, making it an effective and safe option to reduce the symptoms of possible androgen deficiency.


    • It is a nitric oxide enhancer
    • Contains the highest amount of nitrates of the best quality (standardized)
    • It is clinically studied and well documented, with numerous clinical studies supporting its efficacy.
    • Increases endurance, vascularity and general vigor.

    Zinc (Albion):

    • Zinc balances the correct secretion of testosterone.


    • Helps increase testosterone levels.
    • It acts on arousal and is directly involved in the metabolism of estrogens.
    • 4Men by Vitobest comes in vegetarian capsules suitable for vegans and free of titanium dioxide.
    • Composition of Vitobest 4Men
    • 2 vegetable capsules have the following specifications:
    • It has 250 mg of Primavie (purified extract of shilajit)
    • Has 200 mg of Rhaponticum cartamoides dry extract
    • It has 200 mg of dry extract of Miura Puama
    • Has 150 mg of Androfen (fenugreek dry extract)
    • It has 150 mg of MacaFull (dry extract of Maca)
    • Has 150 mg of ashwagandha dry extract
    • It has 100 mg of Oxystorm (dry extract of amaranth)
    • Has 50 mg of zinc bisglycinate
    • It has 2 mg of boron

    Recommended daily dose of Vitobest 4Men

    Take 1 vegetable capsule daily or 2 vegetable capsules half an hour before sexual activity.

    Customer reviews: 4men - 30 capsules

    4 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    the complex is currado, it looked expensive, but the truth is that it is worth it, it works and it is very complete.
    Very Very good, of the natural remedies that I have tried the best, in libido it shows but in the erection Buaggg! +10
    effective, I recommend them, if you don't like to laugh at strong products or prescription drugs
    I am very happy with this product, I have been using it for a month and I notice the effects from the first week
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