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Metal Hooks - VitoBest

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Metal Hooks from Vitobest is a sports accessory made of steel with powdered coating and anti-skid of high quality, used for the lifting of weights of greater intensity. It will protect your hands and wrists from the lessons it takes to make this kind of training.

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    Metal Hooks from Vitobest, the best hooks for lifting dead weight during training or in weight competitions, ideal for you.

    Metal Hooks from Vitobest fit comfortably with velcros on the wrists. The hooks are made of high quality stainless steel. It guarantees greater durability and you will have less imbalances and injuries. Because a larger support surface balances tension over a larger area, thick bars shift tension from the joints to the muscles.

    Metal Hooks from Vitobest are very strong to lift heavy weights and to make thick bars, ideal for improving traction and grip when training, as they can be hook to the weights, decrease the fatigue of the hands, allowing you to perform more repetitions and series. It increases muscle mass. Lifting dead weight causes your hands, fingers, and forearms to gain in strength and condition the training of the rest of the body. They are ideal for deadlifts or rowing exercises, such as dominated bar exercises.

    Metal Hooks from Vitobest increases muscle activation. A thick grip stimulate a greater number of muscle fibers in the hands, forearms, arms, and throughout the trunk. More active muscle mass results in more muscle mass and increased strength. The natural movement of thick bars perfectly reproduces the natural function of the human hand as lifting heavy and uncomfortable objects with greater concentration. Thick bars are more difficult to handle, requiring a greater concentration in order to lift the chosen weight. Therefore this translates into more refined techniques, and grip accessories such Metal Hooks from Vitobest for greater results in training.

    Facts of Metal Hooks from Vitobest

    • High quality material, strap and velcro width
    • 1 cm thick steel wire, more durable
    • Do not stop, more safety
    • Adjustable with Velcro, easy to remove or put
    • Ergonomic design, relieves hand tension
    • Available in black
    • Increases muscle activation
    • Less imbalances and injuries to the hands or wrist
    • Protective strap with metal hooks
    • You can more easily grab the weight
    • Get safety and comfort in weight lifting

    Metal Hooks from Vitobest are the best option when it comes to lifting more weight more comfortably. Dare to buy Metal Hooks from Vitobest and you will have less imbalances and hand injuries to the wrist when lifting heavy weights. You will feel more comfortable while performing intense workouts. The favorite of professional athletes, bodybuilders and fitness lovers, they require extra help during intense workout routines and a better grip. Try it!

    Recommended Use: as a sports accessory, use with the protective handgrip.

    Customer reviews: Metal Hooks - VitoBest

    13 Reviews
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    good handles I liked the others I had from schiek but these are also of good quality
    good handles I liked the others I had from schiek but these are also of good quality
    Quality hooks that do their job, they don't move at all.
    After sustaining a serious forearm injury I was recommended to use these hooks and very happy with the results.
    Quality hooks that do their job, they don't move at all.
    They're great for exercises like pull-ups or deadlifts, where you tend to fail from grip rather than from any other cause. As a personal recommendation, I would use them in a very heavy lift or a high number of reps.
    It is helping me a lot to be able to train after a forearm injury that prevents me from doing strong holds.
    Helps me a lot with heavy chin-ups and deadlifts
    Helps me a lot with heavy chin-ups and deadlifts
    I had a serious injury to my forearm and thanks to these hooks I can train exercises especially for the back.
    This is one of the accessories that I like the most for my bib days, I isolate a lot.
    these hooks are great for me the truth is just what i was looking for therefore a 10 for vitobest
    The truth is that the hooks work surprisingly well even if you look like robocop in the gym
    Questions and answers
    Hola buen dia compre las muñequeras con gancho de metal pero de verdad no se como van alguna idea o video para que me ayudais gracias
    2023-05-04 13:10:50 Ale Alberto Molina
    Hola Ale Alberto, se ponen en la muñeca con el gancho hacia abajo para enganchar la barra como sale en la imagen de su web. Saludos https://www.vitobest.com/ropa-y-complementos/complementos/242-805-agarradera-metal.html#/152-talla-unica
    2023-05-04 13:29:20 Jose Antonio
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    Se anudta bien a muñecas pequeñas? Es comoda? Mi mulñca es muy pequeña y algunas no llegan a ajustarse tanto. Me estpy recuperando de un dedo roto y rl fisio me ha aconsejado unas
    2022-03-03 05:31:35 Maria José López Guasp
    Hola Maria José La muñequera es totalmente ajustable, el tamaño es variable y para cualquier tipo de muñeca. Un Saludo
    2022-03-03 10:04:42 Masmusculo
    Add a response
    Me podrias decir el tamaño de ancho de la muñequera, tamaño de gancho y si el gencho es fijo o se puede mover
    2021-07-23 14:06:50 Raul
    Hola Raul la muñequera es totalmente ajustable, el tamaño es variable y para cualquier tipo de muñeca. El gancho es fijo y de ancho medirá unos tres centímetros. Queda bastante fija y es muy cómoda, seguro que te irá fenomenal con ella. Gracias por confiar en Más Músculo.
    2021-07-24 11:26:36 CRISTOBAL
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    ¿Es un gancho o el par?
    2020-07-22 19:31:46 Gema
    Hola, es el par para usar en ambas manos, un saludo.
    2020-07-22 20:04:01 CRISTOBAL
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