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L-arginine 2000 - 100 triplecaps

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L-Arginine 2000 from Vitobest is a food supplement based on L-arginine and vitamin C, ideal for contributing to the development and preservation of muscle mass, reinforcing the functioning of the immune system and encouraging cell replication.

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    L-Arginine 2000 from VitoBest

    • It is a food supplement made with a formula based on L-arginine (Ajinomoto), which is an amino acid precursor of nitric oxide and is obtained through the fermentation of vegetables. On the other hand, the formula is fortified with vitamin C (Quali®-C) (DSM®) which acts as an important antioxidant.

    What is L-Arginine 2000 from VitoBest taken for?

    • It allows to improve the construction and conservation of muscle mass.
    • Ideal to encourage the relaxation of blood vessels.
    • Optimizes the wound healing process and promotes cell replication.
    • Strengthens the performance of the immune system.
    • Helps promote the elimination of toxic ammonia present in the body.
    • It stimulates the secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

    Why buy L-Arginine 2000 ?

    • Ideal to be consumed by athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to gain and maintain muscle mass, improve the response of the immune system and maintain well-being in the body.
    • Provides safe, natural ingredients and free from the presence of titanium dioxide.
    • Suitable for use by celiac and vegan people.

    How is L-Arginine 2000 taken?

    • Take 2 triplecaps.
    • Consume preferably before sports activities or before going to bed.

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    Customer reviews: L-arginine 2000 - 100 triplecaps

    9 Reviews
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    4 stars
    Very good product, I really recommend it, the price is not bad and this brand never disappoints. ugtyf
    Ideal to feel big congestions and last longer in training, together with beta alanine more endurance
    I train much better and at the level of vascularity and congestion it is a very noticeable product, I recommend it.
    Supplement that is noticeable from the beginning, with remarkable and long-lasting effects, a great purchase.
    Its effect is really good, great congestions are achieved, in addition to a delay in the appearance of important fatigue.
    The product is very good, the capsules are swallowed very well and are very effective in improving vasodilation.
    It is a great help to perform a little more in the gym, it is especially noticeable in the vascularity that it gives you
    The capsules are easy to ingest and their effect is very good and in a short time, you can see that plus in training performance.
    Very good arginine, I use it pre-training about 5 grams and it helps me improve my performance
    Questions and answers
    Rompen el ayuno?
    2023-01-25 20:49:24 Rubii
    hola rubii no te imfiere en el ayuno es un suplemento natural que te va a ayudar como percusor del oxido nitrico tambien como percusor de la hormona de crecimiento pero como va mejor sin duda es como pre entreno,gracias y un sauludo
    2023-01-26 10:22:03 SALVA VALENCIA
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