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Kre-Alkalyn - 100 capsules

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Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest is a food supplement formulated to enhance your workout, providing a dose of next-generation creatine with high bioavailability. It can be consumed before and after workouts, helping to improve your endurance and allowing you to extend your workout hours, without generating annoying cramps and other adverse effects.

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    Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest, a fast absorbing creatine to boost your training

    Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest is a latest generation creatine with a patented formula. It has a high bioavailability that guarantees maximum absorption and stability. Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest provides your body with energy just when it is needed most, thanks to its bioenergetic link that allows stability until it is completely absorbed in muscle cells.

    Likewise, Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest stands out for having a much higher pH than creatine monohydrate, which results in its conversion and absorption period being slower and thus taking advantage of a longer-lasting effect and lengthy outcomes that will enhance your workout routine by taking the incredible power of creatine.

    Main characteristics of Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest:

      • Food supplement for pre- and post-workout.
      • Powerful dose of creatine to enhance your outcomes.
      • Patented formula with alkaline pH.
      • Requires no loading phase.
      • Facilitates absorption in muscle tissues.
      • Contributes to building up muscle mass.
      • Helps define muscle.
      • Reduces fluid retention and prevents cramps.
      • Maintains lactic acid in the muscles to enhance the workout duration.
      • Enters the muscles without becoming toxic creatine.

    Composition of Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest:

    Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest comes in a 100-capsule comfortable package. Its formula provides a high dose of alkaline creatine monohydrate, with a composition of 1500 mg per every 2 capsules. Likewise, Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest has an appreciable contribution of nutrients.

    Each dose (100 g) of Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest, you will get the following content:

    • 304.89 kcal of energy.
    • 0.54 g of fat.
    • 10.88 g of protein.
    • Contains no carbohydrate.

    Why should you take Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest?

    Creatine is used in the body to produce ATP, which is an indispensable source of energy to guarantee muscle functions and to be able to properly perform muscle contractions. In order to recharge your muscle cells with more ATP, it is critical to consume additional creatine to prolong periods of high-intensity workouts and provide you with the necessary power to overcome the most demanding workout routines.

    If your goal is to improve your performance and enhance the results of your workouts, Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest is the best option for you.

    Its formula allows creatine to be absorbed effectively, achieving a lengthy effect which will help you extend your workout routines. Its advanced patented technology eliminates the need to carry out the typical "loading phase", since it does not generate any liquid retention problem or produce annoying cramps, it will only boost your maximum strength and increase your explosive strength, making it a superior product that stands out from the majority available on the market.

    Recommended use of Kre-Alkalyn from VitoBest:

    • As a food supplement: people weighing less than 80 kg, take 2 capsules before training and 2 more after training; people weighing between 80 and 90 kg, take 4 capsules before training and 4 more after training; people weighing more than 90 kg, take 6 capsules before training and 6 more after training.

    Customer reviews: Kre-Alkalyn - 100 capsules

    26 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    First time I buy it and nothing to do with the monohydrate: more strength and better muscle tone.
    Very easy to ingest capsules and a very good assimilation, noting better gains in strength and endurance. Although the product does not last as long as creatine powder, in my case it compensates thanks to the good results I am seeing.
    The quality of Vitobest is beyond doubt thanks to the fact that it always works with patented ingredients. However, I consider that this product, although it works well, brings a small amount per capsule, forcing you to ingest several, which makes the product run out very soon.
    Good effects, compared to creatine monohydrate I don't feel so bloated and I like that detail
    Very effective for gaining strength, with better results than the classic creapure monohydrate.
    I have had many digestive problems with creatines until I found this one from vitobest and I don't change it anymore
    I had not tried this creatine until now and I feel much better training, with more strength and resistance, than with the monohydrate.
    Very good results in strength and recovery, more comfortable to take and transport than powder.
    very good pproduct the truth I recommend it buebna carca does not disappoint a little expensive but like everything already iohioup
    Very good quality of this alkaline creatine, noting better performance and quite significant improvements in strength and recovery. Perhaps the only but of the product is the number of capsules to be ingested, but it is what all capsule formats have.
    It is very comfortable to take and the efficacy is good in terms of gaining strength and endurance.
    A very effective and comfortable creatine to take as it does not need a very high dose, unlike the monohydrate in capsules.
    It feels great to the stomach and the effects on increased physical performance and better recovery capacity are seen within a few days. The dose is also very good, with few capsules being necessary to reach an effective amount.
    For me one of the best kre-alkaline creatines out there. Whenever I use it, I notice the effect and no fluid retention.
    Very good creatine, a few months ago I switched to kre alkalyn after monohydrate and it gives me better results
    The main benefits that I notice with kre-alkaline is the absence of digestive discomfort and fluid retention
    I use it pre-workout and also post-workout with my shake to improve recovery and strength.
    I don't notice too much difference with the monohydrate in terms of strength and recovery, but the intake is more comfortable for me.
    Results superior to monohydrate, I notice it a lot when handling high loads. Very good.
    Very good and effective assimilation of this creatine, more noticeable and faster results than monohydrate.
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    2023-05-07 20:06:41 Yoandry Coro
    Buenos días,toma 2 cápsulas antes de entrenar y otras 2 después del entrenamiento.
    2023-05-08 09:04:37 CRISTOBAL
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