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Hydro Drink Isolate - 500 ml

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Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest is an instant protein concentrate ideal for you who enjoys the fitness world. Do not wait any longer, Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest is your ideal food supplement for its high value of fast-absorbing and maximum capacity protein, which will supplement your diet, thus promoting the development of bone system.

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    Fitness lovers found their perfect ally: Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest!

    Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest is an excellent food supplement that is perfect for high-performance athletes, guaranteeing the strengthening of their bone system and keeping their bones strong and healthy.

    The hydrolyzed whey protein of Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest provide the body with partially digested protein, which favors its digestion, thus increasing its degree and speed of absorption and preserving the muscle mass.

    Main characteristics of Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest:

    • Supports digestion.
    • Helps with the normal functioning and maintenance of the bone system.
    • Increases and preserves muscle mass.
    • Improves the muscle mass of daily wear and tear.
    • Provides an appealing flavor to the palate.
    • Potentially soluble and digestible.
    • Quick and easy to absorb.
    • Recommended for high-performance athletes.
    • Food supplement rich in protein.
    • Provides a generous amount of calcium essential for the health of the bone system.
    • Promotes speedy and prolonged muscle recovery.
    • Contains no stimulants, therefore Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest does not produce side effects.
    • Improves physical performance.

    Ingredients and format of Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest:

    Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest is a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate that combines with the best benefits of the best protein isolate. It comes in an imposing bottle. It is easy to ingest and has slow absorption, which allows the body to take advantage of all its properties, proteins and vitamins in an efficient and effective way.

    Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest does not contain artificial components of any kind, let alone stimulants so you can take them confidently.

    Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest contains hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (Lacprodan hydro, clear), aroma, acidulant: citric acid anhydrous, sweetener and coloring.

    What is hydrolyzed whey protein isolate?
    Whey protein hydrolysate is a concentrate or isolate in which some of the amino bonds have been broken by exposure of the proteins to heat, acids or enzymes. This pre-digestion makes hydrolysed proteins more rapidly absorbed in the gut than either whey concentrates or isolates.

    Nutrition facts of Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest:

    • 0.69 g of fat.
    • Contains no saturated fats.
    • 1.13 g of carbohydrates.
    • 0.48 g of sugars.
    • 88.76 g of protein.

    Why should you take Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest?

    Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest is potentially soluble and digestible. Its pleasant taste makes it attractive to palate, with quick and easy absorption. It does not contain any type of stimulant, let alone additives. You can take it blindly, because looking and feeling good just depends on you.

    Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest contributes to muscle development and recovery, while increasing muscle mass and significantly improving physical performance.

    Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest is recommended for vegans, strength and power athletes, gym users and fitness lovers, high-endurance athletes, and for all those who want to look and feel good.

    Its comfortable presentation allows you to take it with you wherever you want.

    Recommended daily dose of Hydro Drink Isolate from VitoBest:

    • Take twice a day.
    • Take with a meal.
    • Take the dose daily.

    Customer reviews: Hydro Drink Isolate - 500 ml

    5 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    Great price for a ready-made hydrolyzate. Rich and very refreshing kiwi flavor, great for post-workout.
    I think it must be the only brand that works single-dose hydrolyzed drinks. Very comfortable, quick to eat and rich flavors.
    I was not aware of the existence of ready-made hydrolyzed drinks. Without a doubt, a great product from which to have some units at home to get you out of trouble.
    Perfect as a backup unit when we run out of protein and haven't remembered to order. Taste quite achieved to be a hydrolyzate ^^
    Normally, I usually ask for a single unit in my orders to have reservations in case I have run out of protests. The flavors are very rich and refreshing after training!
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