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4fem - 30 capsules

4Fem by Vitobest is a food supplement specially made to help improve female sexual health. In titanium dioxide-free vegan capsules.

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    4Fem by Vitobest

    • High quality food supplement.
    • Made with 100% natural ingredients.
    • Helps improve sexual health in women.
    • In vegetable capsules suitable for vegan diets and free of titanium dioxide.

    4Fem from Vitobest is a food supplement specially made to help improve sexual health in women.

    Its advanced formula with the highest quality ingredients helps improve libido and helps calm stress, acting on the nervous system.

    4Fem from Vitobest is a completely safe food supplement, also supported by multiple scientific studies.

    The key: a good hormonal balance and stress management.

    The stress caused by the current pace of life and sedentary lifestyle is one of the main reasons for the lack of sexual desire in women.

    4Fem by Vitobest has a combination of saffron and ashwagandha, which help with stress reduction effectively.

    Angelica sinensis and Wild Yam help maintain hormonal balance, thus improving sexual desire.

    4Fem from Vitobest is composed of:

    Angelica sinensis (1% ligustilide):

    • It provides flavonoids, phytosterols, minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium) and vitamin A, B3, C, and E, which can act in the production of estrogen, essential to maintain sexual desire.
    • It can also increase arousal in menopause.
    • Increases the blood supply in the reproductive organs.
    • Increases the production of nitric oxide that improves libido and lubrication.
    • It acts as a vasodilator, flow regulator and hormonal balancer.
    • Its high content of ligustilide can improve the function of the internal tissue of the uterus.

    MacaFull® (0.6% macamides and macanes):

    • Multiple studies show that maca can modulate sexual behavior in a positive way and also increases libido.
    • It is effective during the menopause process.
    • Maca raises dopamine levels, and can improve thyroid function, thus achieving better energy levels.
    • Maca can influence the portion of testosterone that is not bound to the protein globulin, which binds sex hormones; This is known as "free testosterone", since most of the testosterone in the blood is bound to this protein.

    Dioscorea villosa (wild yam) (16% diosgenin):

    Wild yam is rich in a substance chemically similar to progesterone, called diosgenin, which can decrease at menopause or during the menstrual period; so it helps to improve:

    • Syndromes linked to menopause.
    • Pre-menstrual syndrome
    • Osteoporosis
    • Increases energy and sexual desire (in men and women).

    Dry extract of damiana leaves (Turnera diffusa):

    • It is high in glycosen, polyphenols and terpenes.
    • Acts as invigorating
    • Helps control stress.
    • Contributes to the improvement of sexual function in women.


    • It is a powerful adaptogen.
    • It helps to control stress and also cortisol, thus inducing both physical and mental balance.


    • Helps increase dopamine.
    • Improves mood and contributes to stress reduction.

    4FEM by Vitobest comes in vegetarian capsules suitable for vegan consumption and does not contain titanium dioxide.

    Composition of Vitobest 4Fem

    • Each dose of 2 vegetable capsules has the following specifications:
    • Has 400 mg of dry extract of angelica sinensis
    • It has 400 mg of dry extract of wild yam
    • Has 200 mg of dry extract of maca root
    • It has 200 mg of dry extract of damiana
    • Has 150 mg of ashwagandha dry extract
    • It has 50 mg of dry saffron extract

    Recommended daily dose of Vitobest 4FEM

    Take 1 vegetable capsule daily or take 2 vegetable capsules half an hour before sexual activity

    Questions and answers
    Por qué no se incorpora el shilajit en la versión femenina y sí en el 4Men? Tengo entendido que produce beneficios tanto en hombres como mujeres no sólo en el ámbito sexual sino también en cuanto a sus propiedades antiinflamatorias y de protección cardíaca (si se recomienda en mujeres de edad adulta que podrían estar menopausicas, esa protección cardíaca es interesante...). Gracias y un saludo
    2021-10-14 18:42:31 claudia
    Hola Claudia, las composiciones son diferentes en lo que corresponde a ingredientes. El fabricante ha hecho una composición para hombres y otra para mujeres, claro que habrá muchos ingredientes que podrían ser beneficiosos para hombre y para mujeres, por ejemplo el zinc que lo incorpora la formula masculina pero no la femenina o el fenogreco que tiene propiedades digestivas también. El fabricante hace una formula magistral con diferentes ingredientes que pueden ayudar a diferentes procesos y elige algunos para un producto masculino y algunos para un producto femenino, imagino que sabiendo lo dicho antes, que hay ingredientes de una formula u otra que podrían perfectamente ayudar o servir en la otra formula pero termina por elegir lo más adecuado en su conjunto, para cada sexo, aún sabiendo que hay muchos ingredientes que podrían servir o ayudar a cada uno de ellos por igual.
    2021-10-14 20:21:23 CRISTOBAL
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