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Creatine clonapure - 500g

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Creatine ClonaPure from Vitobest helps increase muscle strength and growth, contributing to the optimal performance of athletes and athletes.

      Creatine ClonaPure from VitoBest

      • It is a powdered food supplement that combines creatine monohydrate, phosphocreatine and phosphate

      What is Creatine ClonaPure from VitoBest taken for ?

      • Helps increase muscle strength and growth.

      • It can improve muscular capabilities in explosive and strength sports.

      • Contributes to optimal recovery after intense and long exercise.

      Why buy Creatine ClonaPure ?

      • It is ideal for high-performance athletes, since it provides energy to the muscles very quickly.

      • It does not need any loading phase, so it begins to act from the first dose.

      • It has in its composition the real creatine formula, which is nothing more than phosphocreatine, obtaining energy immediately, which makes it much more effective.

      • It has been produced following the strictest European quality standards.

      • It comes in an easy-to-dissolve powder.

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      How is Creatine ClonaPure taken ?

      • Take 3 grams a day.

      • Consume 30 minutes before training, also being compatible with post-training strategies.

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      Customer reviews: Creatine clonapure - 500g

      37 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      Creatine is essential for gains in muscle mass and resistance, therefore it is more than essential to take it
      Very good product, the truth works, it shows, it is not expensive and this brand does not usually disappoint, I recommend it uytyut
      Very good to assimilate, feels very good. The effect is considerable, especially in faster recovery.
      A top creatine, I bought it for my boyfriend because he consumes all of vitobest and he is right
      I have not noticed any difference compared to the traditional monohydrate, it works just as well, without more.
      I have not noticed any difference compared to the monohydrate, it works just as well.
      quite good, very easy to dilute and very good to increase strength and performance in training
      I have not noticed any significant difference compared to the monohydrate, it works equally well for me.
      I usually bought creapure creatine monohydrate, I decided on this new patent from vit o best because of the confidence it gives me, and I have to say that it surprised me for the better.
      Very similar to monohydrate, maybe a little more strength gain. Very good, I recommend it.
      Yes, it is true that I have noticed a little more gain in strength compared to the classic monohydrate, I like the product.
      Very good creatine, I decided to try it on the recommendation of a coach and the truth is that it gives me good
      Very good creatine, they told me it was a new format and the brand's own hallmark, clonapure, and it was great for me. Nothing heavy on the stomach, yes the pot is somewhat small, but very good quality.
      Creatine has surprised me for the better, it started with the good price and the good image, the results have accompanied everything initially and I will certainly buy it again.
      It has helped me a lot with my training and I also feel more recovered and stronger every day
      The creatine that has worked best for me so far, is more noticeable than the others, better recovery, more strength.
      Quality creatine, easy dissolution and very good digestion which is the key to being able to take it, the expected performance effects
      very happy with the purchase, good results in the first weeks, I notice better performance and greater strength in my workouts
      Very good product, I really recommend it, the price is not bad and this brand never disappoints uio
      I have been taking this new creatine for a short time, but for now I have to say that I notice a much faster recovery and greater strength / power in my workouts.
      Questions and answers
      Resta efectividad si te la tomas después de tomarte el café?? ya que se dice que la cafeína podría restarle efectividad, es cierto??
      2023-05-12 21:22:58 Dany
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      Pone en muchos sitios que hay que tomar 0.1 por cada kg de peso corporal. Me correspondería tomar 8g diaros, pero claro, si en la etiqueta pone máximos 3 diarios... No sé es todo un poco confuso. Podrían explicarme si con los 3 es suficiente?
      2023-04-25 16:36:40 Alejandro
      Hola Alejandro, los scoops de la Creatina suelen ser de 3g en todas las marcas, eso es indiferente de la cantidad que tomes. En tu caso serían casi tres scoops para completar esos 8 gramos. Saludos
      2023-04-25 17:45:59 Jose Antonio
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      Hallo, wie lange erfolgt die Einnahme der empfohlen Tagesdosis. Wie lange soll die Einnahme unterbrochen werden, wenn eine Unterbrechung sinnvoll ist? Freundliche Grüße Frank
      2023-04-04 14:18:22 Frank
      Frank, la creatina ClonaPure - 500g se puede tomar durante todo el año sin problema. No hay necesidad de interrumpir su ingesta. Si desea obtener los mejores resultados, le recomendamos seguir las instrucciones de dosificación recomendadas.
      2023-04-04 14:39:02 Rafael
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      Retiene líquidos?
      2023-03-17 21:58:19 Maricarmen
      Hola Maricarmen, gracias por tu pregunta. La Creatina ClonaPure - 500g retiene un poco de líquido, pero no a nivel intracelular del músculo. Si deseas una creatina que no retenga líquido, te recomendamos la Kre Alkalina. ¡Esperamos que esta información te sea útil!
      2023-03-18 10:06:32 Rafael
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