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Creamap® + GFS Aminos - 200g

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Vitobest Creamap® + GFS Aminos contributes to the good physical performance of athletes and athletes, especially in short series of high intensity exercises.

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  • Size per dose
    Size per dose
    22.6 One service
  • What do you take it for?
    What do you take it for?
    Recovery, growth and prolonged effect
  • How is it taken?
    How is it taken?
    Swallow with water
  • How many times?
    How many times?
    Twice a day
  • When should it be taken?
    When should it be taken?
    antes y despues de entrenar
  • Usos
    Evitar Catabolismo

Creamap® + GFS Aminos by VitoBest

  • It is a food supplement based on a combination of patented creatines (Creatine MagnaPower and creatine from AlzChem), with essential amino acids.

What is Creamap® + GFS Aminos from VitoBest for

  • Helps to achieve greater strength, endurance and muscle pumping.

  • Improves physical performance in successive series of high intensity exercises.

  • Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Why buy Creamap® + GFS Aminos ?

  • It is ideal for athletes, since it is made from Creatine MagnaPower and creatine from AlzChem (alkaline creatine and creatine monohydrate respectively) are two of the most recognized brands of creatine on the market.

  • It contains essential amino acids similar to those of the genetic aminogram of the human body, therefore its absorption is much faster.

  • It comes in a powder of optimal dissolution.

creamap logocreamap sello de calidad

How is Creamap® + GFS Aminos taken ?

  • Mix 10 gr (2 scoops) with 150 ml of water.

  • Consume before or after exercise.

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Customer reviews: Creamap® + GFS Aminos - 200g

25 Reviews
5 stars
4 stars
Does this supplement work, I use it before training for physical tests of an opposition, improvement of energy, strength and performance in general.
The combination is phenomenal, two of the best supplements that exist combining, although it comes in a small amount.
The combination is phenomenal, two of the best supplements that exist combined, although it comes in a small amount.
A top product, promoting sports performance and significantly enhancing recovery. The price seems very good to me considering the raw materials used.
The combination is phenomenal, two of the best supplements that exist combined, although it comes in a small amount.
I love this product as I see many improvements thanks to the vitobest creamap any product always gives you 100x100 quality guarantees
I love this product as I see many improvements thanks to the vitobest creamap any product always gives you 100x100 quality guarantees
Very good product, you can see the difference compared to when I didn't take it: less fatigue training and better recovery at the end.
What a better combination of amines with creatine and it could not be another brand than to combine it vitobest
The product brings together the most effective to improve performance and recovery. I personally consider it basic.
It was great for me, I trained in the late afternoon and I was looking for a supplement without stimulants that would not let me sleep, it works, shortly after using it I noticed an improvement in strength.
Outstanding product, it greatly improves recovery and therefore performance in each workout. Fixed product from now on.
The product is great and its formulation I recommend to everyone who takes their performance and recovery seriously. The price is according to its quality.
I take 1 scoop 15 mint before training and another 20 mint before finishing, as a post workout 1 protein shake. Brutal recovery and clean muscle gain.
This combination of creatine and essential aminos works great for me to train harder and to recover better
Great product, it's very good, it shows from the first take and it's really not expensive. I recommend it without a doubt
For me, one of the best creatines with the creapure seal on the market, in addition to the brand that is top
Excellent product, I take it before training and the combination of creatine plus amino acids is great for me
I was looking for a supplement that would help me in the physical tests for an opposition and I am quite satisfied with the results, I notice an improvement in strength and performance in general.
One of the best products I've ever bought, without a doubt. This mixture of creatine greatly enhances the training.
Questions and answers
Creamap + gestión aminos, puedo mezclarlo con batido proteina post entrenamiento
2021-09-09 18:18:32 Sebastián
Hola Sebastián, personalmente me tomaría el Creamap mejor intra entreno con algún tipo de bebida Isotónica y luego después del entreno tomar el batido de proteína. Los GFS Aminos están preparados para absorbidos muy rápidos y seguramente al mezclarlo con las proteínas se relentice el proceso. Gracias por confiar en Más Músculo.
2021-09-09 18:28:23 CRISTOBAL
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hola, tengo una duda, iba a cojer gfs aminos ya que siempre me han ido genial, pero tambien queria una creatina de calidad y esta me han dicho que va muy bien, pero mi duda es; merece la pena entonces que coja los gfs aminos o el creamap este que tambien lleva aminos?

2015-06-09 00:39:58 hector

hola hector, creamap es la version de gfs junto a creatina, y viendo su objetivo se adapta perfectamente a sus necesidades, ademas de ser un producto de maxima calidad.

2015-06-09 00:39:58 Raúl Carrasco - IFBB PRO (MM Team)
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Hola. Podria mezclarlo conamiopeptina en el pre y en el post? Gracias y saludos

2015-01-29 18:44:01 jorge

hola jorge, puedes mezclar creamap con amilopectina y ademas aprovecharas mas eficazmente la creatina y aminoacidos contenidos en el producto por la creacion del pico de insulina que ofrece este carbohidrato.

2015-01-29 18:44:01 Raúl Carrasco - IFBB PRO (MM Team)
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Hola, podria combinar este producto en el mismo batido con otro producto que se llama glutamina + bcaa de vitobest y cuaquier proteina?

2014-08-04 20:16:41 paco

Hola, pueds conbinarlos pero en diferentes momentos del dia, puesto que los GFS aminos para sacar beneficio no debe mezclarse con otros amino acidos o proteinas, saludos.

2014-08-04 20:16:41 Edgar Morilla - MM Team
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