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Beta-Alanine 1000 - 100 capsules

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Beta Alanine 1000 from Vitobest is a food supplement made from the b-alanine of the Carnosyn® formula. Helps prevent acidification of muscle tissues and promotes greater resistance to injury.

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    Beta Alanine 1000 by Vitobest

    • Contains carnosine from the Carnosyn® formula.
    • Prevents muscle acidification and possible injuries.
    • Helps delay tiredness and supports faster muscle recovery.
    • Especially recommended for intense physical activities.

    Vitobest Beta Alanine Description

    Beta Alanine 1000 from Vitobest contributes to the diet with b-alanine, a nutrient that promotes the delay of muscle fatigue and tiredness in general. It is an excellent aid for practicing intense and physically demanding sports.

    Beta alanine is considered a non-essential amino acid, which is of great importance for the production of intramuscular carnosine. Its presence in the muscle fibers is necessary for the execution of exercises with explosive characteristics.

    It is recognized for its buffering effect by which it balances the pH to prevent the acidification of muscle fibers, delaying the feeling of fatigue. Intense physical activity causes lactic acid to be generated in the body that reduces acidity or alkalinity. This causes a burning and tired feeling in the muscles. B-alanine helps reduce these effects, promoting greater performance when exercising.

    Vitobest Beta Alanine 1000 can help in:

    • PH regulation.
    • Decrease in tiredness.
    • Injury prevention.
    • Recovery of muscles.

    Vitobest Beta Alanine Specifications

    • Each RDA of 4 capsules of Vitobest Beta Alanine 1000 contains 4000 mg of Carnosyn® b-alanine.

    Recommended dose of Beta Alanine from Vitobest

    • Take 2 capsules twice a day.
    • One of the doses should be before training.

    Customer reviews: Beta-Alanine 1000 - 100 capsules

    13 Reviews
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    4 stars
    The fact that it is in capsules forces me to take the product before since, at least in my case, I do not notice its effects as quickly as when I have ingested it in powder. For the rest, a fairly good and effective supplement, improving our resistance when training.
    Good performance and strength improvement in my crossfit workouts, I sometimes take it together with creatine.
    One of the best supplements that I have used to improve performance, I combine it with creatine for the best result.
    Removing the sensation of tingling and itching in the extremities, which at first is quite uncomfortable, the improvement in training is very significant, improving our resistance capacity and being able to take each series to the limit. The capsules are very practical and easy to swallow.
    Before my training, a highly recommended supplement is brutal, the itching activates me 200% to give it my all.
    Reduction of fatigue and improvement in the explosiveness of the exercises to be performed, are the two main benefits that I have seen taking this Vitobest supplement. The capsules are very convenient to swallow and carry, getting rid of the taste of beta-alanine powder, which is very unpleasant.
    Very easy to ingest and with very good efficiency, a very significant extra is noticeable when it comes to getting reps.
    Very good product, meets expectations. Recommended at 200%. You can really notice the tingling in the fingers and hands.
    Very effective and effects from the first day. The capsules are very easy to ingest and I am spared the unpleasant taste of powdered beta.
    As always beta alanine is very effective, stamina enhancing effects are noticeable in no time
    Very good efficiency of these capsules, the quality of the raw material is noticeable, it improves performance very remarkably.
    Very simple capsules to ingest and with the perfect dose in each one of them, making the number of capsules to be taken not high. Regarding quality and efficiency, outstanding, thanks to the raw material used by Vitobest, which, as always, is the best !!
    I noticed an improvement in both strength and performance in weightlifting training
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