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Vitargo is positioned as a leading brand in Europe thanks to its excellent sports and nutritional supplements, being a favorite brand among athletes in Europe and worldwide.

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Vitargo Pure - 2 Kg
Vitargo Pure - 2 KgVitargo
Vitargo ® PURE It is the only carbohydrate patented and specially formulated for elite athletes,...
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Vitargo Electrolytes - 2 kgVitargo
Vitargo Electrolytes from Vitargo is a nutritional supplement composed mainly of carbohydrates...
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Vitargo Carboloader 2kg
Vitargo Carboloader 2kgVitargo
Vitargo? is the unique patented and formulated carbohydrate for elite athletes especially, that...
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vitargo pure 1kg
Vitargo Pure 1kgVitargo
Vitargo® PURE is the only carbohydrate patented and specially formulated for elite athletes,...
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vitargo electrolitos 1kg
Vitargo Electrolitos 1kgVitargo
Vitargo® ELECTROLYTES has been enriched with minerals which owns an isotonic and remineralizing...
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Vitargo Carboloader 1kg
Vitargo Carboloader 1kgVitargo
Vitargo Carboloader is the unique patented and formulated carbohydrate for elite athletes. It...
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Shaker vitargo - 700ml
Shaker vitargo - 700mlShaker
Vitargo Mixing Glass by Vitargo is a mixing glass of excellent capacity, made of resistant...
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The beginnings of Vitargo date back to 1993, when Swedish businessman Roger Sandström set out to make a high-quality energy drink. The problem always lay in the need for a new type of sugar, since the conventional saccharide had low peaks, insufficient for long-distance athletes. In this sense, it was necessary to create a carbohydrate with low delivery of blood sugar and at the same time with slow absorption, offering greater performance in the body.

The products that Vitargo makes are processed at its factory in southeastern Sweden, where production is completely computerized and controlled to ensure the highest degree of quality available. In addition, all the elaboration is carried out in a closed process. The latter means that it goes directly from manufacturing to the containers in which it is distributed. In addition, it should be noted that only the starch powder of this substance is made in the factory, which prevents environmental contamination from carbohydrates.

When referring to Vitargo , rather than referring to a company, emphasis is placed on a formula patented by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, which consists of a much larger carbohydrate than those used in sports supplements, its structure being similar to that of of glycogen. This results in a unique product, perfectly developed by elite researchers, scientists, nutritionists and athletes, who work synergistically in the main production plants to achieve the highest level of quality possible. Using only the best raw materials, Vitargo promises to be an invaluable ally for any athlete or sportsperson looking for quality supplementation that guarantees their health. This thanks to its natural ingredients and the strong supervision to which each production process is subjected.

The Vitargo factory in Sweden has been certified since 1991 according to the BRC (British Retail Consortium), this being the association of British food chains, for which it has been able to enter the Anglo-Saxon market with great ease. In addition, it has the endorsement of the ISO 9001 standard and its internal microbiological laboratory is correctly accredited by the status of the ISO 17025 standards.

We must always keep in mind that Vitargo is an international brand, which distributes its products with great effectiveness globally. This in turn has allowed it to forge alliances between the original producer located in Sweden, and other companies that are dedicated to the sale of sports products, thus allowing it to cover a larger territory and reaching the hands of more and more customers. In this sense, it must be considered that it has a wide range of distributors in various parts of the world, including in each continent.