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Greenz Juice - 270 g

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Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix is the perfect dietary supplement for a healthy diet. Its formula has the best combination of green foods that contain plenty of antioxidants that benefit the regulation of body weight, improve the health of the digestive system and help delay the signs of aging. In addition, its delicious fruit flavor is very pleasant to your palate.

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    Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix is an unmatched way to prepare the most delicious green drink, which also contains an extraordinary variety of properties that promote women’s health.

    Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix mixes in each of its sachets the most exclusive selection of 100% natural and proprietary ingredients (VitaVeggie and VitaBerry) that greatly promote women's health. Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix is a great food supplement made especially to offer support to women in the painstaking mission of taking care of themselves and maintaining their physical vitality. It is made from chlorella powder, wheat grass powder and barley powder, which provide an extraordinary amount of antioxidants that are essential to delay the signs and marks of age. It also contains a high content of vitamins, essential minerals and nutrients that your body requires to function efficiently.

    But the Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix formula is undoubtedly found in the inclusion of VitaVeggie and VitaBerry, two patented components that combine broccoli, cabbage powder in its different spinach and fruits such as raspberry and wild blueberry. This formula contains a total of 15 plant foods, which fully satisfy and cover the recommended daily dose of nutrients. Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix is an easy, fast, cheap and delicious way to prepare the best green shake you will ever try.

    Main characteristics of Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix:

    • Food supplement that comes in a comfortable 30-sachet package.
    • Made from 15 plant foods and two proprietary ingredients: VitaVeggie and VitaBerry.
    • Helps slow the appearance of aging signs.
    • Supports digestive health.
    • Benefits the regulation of body weight.
    • Contains purifying properties.
    • Provides a high content of antioxidant.
    • Provides delicious fruit flavor.

    What does each serving of Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix provide?

    Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix is a food supplement that is characterized by especially benefiting women's health, delaying the signs and symptoms of aging. It contains a great nutritional and vitamin value, and also favors weight loss, making possible the sought-after ideal weight.

    Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix is a perfect combination of 15 plant-based foods and two special proprietary ingredients: VitaVeggie and VitaBerry.

    Content for each service:

    • 6000 mg of Super Greenz complex (chlorella powder, wheat pasta powder and barley powder).
    • 1000 mg of Super Vita complex (VitaVeggie anti-oxidants blend, VitaBerry Hi ORAC fruit blend).

    Why should you take Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix?

    Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix is a super healthy and different option from the traditional green shakes. It contains a very pleasant fruit flavor and the highest antioxidant content that favors the maintenance of your vitality and physical appearance.

    Its presentation is designed to provide quality, economy, flavor and nutrients: all this in each service, making it very easy to prepare and taste. It is ideal for sportswomen.

    Recommended daily dose of Greenz Juice from Vikika Gold by Amix:

    • Take one service daily.
    • Empty the sachet in 300 ml of cold water, dissolve well and drink.
    • Take preferably in the morning.


    Customer reviews: Greenz Juice - 270 g

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    Very complete mineral vitamin complex since with him, without a doubt, he would have deficiencies in some vitamin, he would notice it and he would go bad in health and he would not achieve that well-being that both the athlete and the sedentary person need so much and I have heard of vikkia and it seems that it is a good brand
    I have tried so many vitamins and minerals that I don't really know any works or if they really work well, I am clear that to judge if a supplement is working well you have to give it the benefit of the doubt for at least 8 weeks and I am going to try it! !
    Undoubtedly, to be in an optimal state of health, it is undoubtedly and essential that good vitamins are required that provide good sports performance and also being well physically and emotionally and opted for this brand and we will see how it goes.
    some good quality vitamins since I was very suspicious of this brand and as a result they are very effective but obviously in the long term I see them a little high in price but the quality of the super element is very good and it is worth paying thanks
    the truth is that it is more than necessary to take a good antioxidant more than anything because the body asks for it and needs it
    very good product to replace the vitamins of vegetables and fruits, if you have problems with the consumption of fruits and / or vegetables either because you do not like them or stomach problems, this can be a solution since it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that They are found in powdered fruits and vegetables, you dilute it and take it as a juice, great!
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