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Drenabooster - 120 capsules

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Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix is a food supplement that is made from a combination of different 100% natural plants with diuretic qualities that promote the elimination of water and accumulated fat, while avoiding fluid retention. It is fortified with vitamin B6 that nourishes your body and favors the muscle definition and tone.

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    Improves your muscle tone, favor the definition of your muscles and get a fat-free figure by taking advantage of the 100% natural properties found in Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix.

    Excess fluid can be difficult to fight by certain people, and removing fat can be even more complicated. Although there is a wide variety of supplements that can help to eliminate the retained liquid and the accumulated fat in the body, the best option is always to do it through 100% natural ingredients that do not affect your health or produce side effects in the body. Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix is a food supplement that combines the action of several plants with proven diuretic properties such as dandelion or guarana.

    This extraordinary dietary supplement not only prevents fluid retention and helps it to be drained from the body, but also helps to eliminate excess fat, making it ideal for defining muscles and improving muscle tone, especially for fitness athletes during their muscle definition stages. But that is not all, Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix is enriched with vitamin B6 for reaching a better nutritional contribution and improved health. In addition, it increases your energy, slows down and fights tiredness, thus improving your physical and mental performance.

    What is Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix?

    • Food supplement based on 100% natural plants.
    • Provides an excellent diuretic action.
    • Helps to eliminate accumulated fat.
    • Supports cardiovascular health.
    • Helps to reduce body weight.
    • Improves muscle tone.
    • Remarkably favors muscle definition.
    • Helps eliminate fluid retained in the body.
    • Greatly increases energy and vitality.
    • Fortified with vitamin B6.
    • Increases physical and mental performance.
    • Helps fight tiredness.
    • Perfect for strengthening the energy metabolism.
    • No side effects.
    • Helps improve health in general.
    • Improves neurological function.

    What does Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix provide?

    Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix is a dietary supplement comes in capsules that make it easier to take. This allows you to take it quickly without further complications when necessary.

    Some ingredients of the Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix formula are dandelion extract, nettle extract, watermelon dry extract, green tea extract, caffeine, guarana, vitamin B6, among others.

    Content per serving (3 capsules):

    • 500 mg of dandelion extract.
    • 250 mg of ursi-grape extract.
    • 250 mg of guarana extract.
    • 5 mg of vitamin B6.
    • 125 mg of watermelon dry extract.
    • 100 mg of green tea extract.
    • 50 mg of parsley extract, among other ingredients.

    What is Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix taken for?

    Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix is designed to help you eliminate excess fluid and accumulated fat in your body through the extraordinary properties of traditional plants with proven diuretic characteristics. But in addition, Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix improves your health and increases your physical and mental performance.

    Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix is indicated for people with excess fluid or fat accumulation. It is ideal for athletes during their muscle definition stages or even for people during their weight-loss periods.

    Recommended daily dose of Drenabooster from Vikika Gold by Amix:

    • As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules.
    • Take preferably 3 capsules after breakfast and 3 after lunch.
    • Take the dose daily, with plenty of water.

    Customer reviews: Drenabooster - 120 capsules

    2 Reviews
    a good diuretic since it fulfills its function and I have to admit that I have been taking it for a short time but I am noticing less swelling and physically I see myself with less water retention, which is why I bought this supplement, thank you very much
    Since lately, either because of food or I do not know the reason, I retain a lot of water and liquids, therefore this supplement is helping me to get rid of that happy fat and at the same time also water because you not only eliminate liquids also fat
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