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Carbo boost gel - 76g

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Gel Carbo Boost from Weider is a food supplement in gel, made from a combination of the latest generation, complex and simple carbohydrates to provide the energy necessary for prolonged physical exercise, avoid muscle cramps and immediately replace electrolyte loss. . Enriched with BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio.

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    Victory Endurance Carbo Boost Gel

    • It is a food supplement based on a synergistic combination of next-generation carbohydrates with BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio and sodium.

    • It has complex carbohydrates such as: maltodextrin, isomaltulose (Palatinose®), and cyclodextrin (Cluster Dextrin®). These release their monosaccharides (sugars) slowly and allow the energy to last for a longer period of time.

    • It provides simple carbohydrates such as dextrose and fructose that are quickly digested and absorbed in the intestine, providing immediate and faster energy.

    • BCAAs are essential amino acids that our body cannot produce on its own. They provide energy for the muscle during physical exercise.

    • Sodium is a natural electrolyte that improves rehydration and increases the rate of absorption.

    What is Victory Endurance Carbo Boost Gel taken for ?

    • It is consumed to provide the necessary energy that the body needs for prolonged physical exercise.

    • Helps reduce muscle cramps.

    • Helps to immediately replenish lost electrolytes.

    • Helps the regeneration of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

    • Contributes to the growth and recovery of muscle mass.

    • Helps combat the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

    • Provides better balance of body fluids.

    Why buy Carbo Boost Gel ?

    • It has the perfect combination of carbohydrates for those athletes looking for quick and lasting energy in prolonged exercises.

    • Provides 50 grams of carbohydrates per gel.

    • With BCAAs and sodium that act synergistically and improve the formula in terms of effectiveness, efficacy, bioavailability and absorption.

    • It comes in an ergonomic container designed for the perfect transport and use of the athlete.

    • It comes in 3 different flavors to choose from: two without caffeine (neutral and green apple) and one with caffeine (coffee flavor).

    • It is a practical gel with an excellent texture.

    • It is gluten free.

    • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

    How is Carbo Boost Gel taken?

    • Take 1 gel before and/or during sports activity, every 30-45 minutes.

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