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Pure state coral calcium 1.000mg - 60 capsules

Pure State Calcium Coral 1.000mg of Tongil is a nutritional supplement that contributes to the well-being and maintenance of bones, muscles, digestive system and neurotransmitter function. It has been made with marine coral powder, which is rich in minerals and trace elements that promote the well-being of the bones, preventing the decrease in calcium in the body every day. It is a dietary supplement designed for the maintenance of the bone system.

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    Pure State Coral Calcium 1.000mg of Tongil: Rich in calcium and magnesium with high bioavailability.

    The marine coral powder with which this food supplement has been made comes from the surface of fossilized Sango reefs on the island of Okinawa.

    Its composition is unique, since in each intake it provides a full spectrum of beneficial minerals, in the same balanced proportion in which they are found naturally in the body.

    It is an excellent source of calcium and magnesium with a very high bioavailability, accompanied by traces of more than 70 important minerals.

    The calcium provided by this food supplement is necessary for the maintenance of bones in normal conditions and helps the normal functioning of the muscles every day.

    At each intake, it contributes to the normal functioning of neurotransmission and to the functioning of valuable digestive enzymes.

    Essential aspects of this State Pure Calcium Coral 1.000mg of Tongil per 2 capsules

    • Provides 1,000Mg of marine coral powder, of which 340Mg are calcium and 15Mg are magnesium
    • Calcium is necessary for the healthy maintenance of bones and teeth
    • Contributes to the functioning of muscles and neurotransmitters
    • Contributes to blood clotting
    • Contributes to the functioning of digestive enzymes
    • Contributes to energy metabolism

    Components and format of the State Pure Calcium Coral 1.000mg of Tongil

    This food supplement is presented in a container with 60 capsules

    Among the ingredients present in this food supplement we can find the following:

    • Marine coral powder

    What is achieved with this State Pure Calcium Coral 1.000mg of Tongil?

    Currently due to poor diet, excess meat, sweets or refined our body is forced to use more calcium than normal to prevent hyperacidity.

    If the body does not have enough calcium, it will be forced to take it from the connective tissue or from the bones, that is why the daily intake of this Pure Coral Calcium State 1.000mg of Tongil is widely recommended.

    The coral calcium present in this food supplement contains more benefits than traditional calcium, this is due to the minerals it contains by nature.

    These minerals make the calcium completely absorbed. It is directly involved in the important cellular nutrition, it also favors the creation of new cells and participates adequately in the synthesis of proteins and helps control blood pressure.

    This food supplement is also essential for the health of bones, teeth, muscles, the nervous system, the endocrine system, etc.

    This Pure Coral Calcium State 1.000mg of Tongil also intervenes in DNA replication, a primary task of all repairs that occur in the body.

    Recommended daily dose of Tongil Pure Coral Calcium State 1.000mg

    • The intake of 2 capsules a day is recommended
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