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Pure State Agaricus Reishi - 40 capsules

Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil are some potential capsules that become as the perfect option to prevent future illnesses, providing nutrients your body needs for a better health and well-being. This formula of Agraricus concentrate and reinforced with Reishi is perfect to support your immune system, thus raising defenses thanks to its properties.

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      Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil. It is not time to go back, move towards a more sustainable health!

      Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil are magnificent capsules based on Agaricus dry extract concentrate. Its innovative combination with selenium and vitamins make great contributions to your health, thus stimulating your immune system and activating your body's defenses.

      So they effectively fight the infectious processes that attack your well-being. They also contain the productive body of the Reishi mushroom that has antioxidant properties to fight free radicals. So it is essential to put an extra in your health care and enjoy these capsules.

      Main characteristics of Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil:

      • Capsules based on Agacirus and Reishi extracts.
      • Contributes to the proper functioning of the respiratory system.
      • Helps fight chronic fatigue.
      • Effectively enhances body's defenses.
      • Increases the performance of the cardiovascular system.
      • Strengthens body's protection system.

      Ingredients and format of Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil:

      Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil comes in excellent vegetarian capsules, which have a faster action because saliva acts as a lubricant and dissolves them before reaching the stomach. It does not facilitate bacterial growth, which makes them perfect for you.

      Nutrition facts per dose (2 capsules) of Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil:

      • 650 mg of Reishi dry extract (equivalent to 13.000 mg of Reishi powder).
      • 160 mg of Agaricus blazei Murril dry extract.
      • 80 mg of ascorbic acid.
      • 7 mg of seleniomethionine.
      • 35 mcg of selenium.

      Benefits of Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil:

      Tongil is an example company in the nutrient market for maintaining the protection of quality in its products. The visible results and our satisfied customers is a sample of the effectiveness of their creations.

      Hence, with its in-depth investigative power it has designed Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil, new and efficient capsules made from Agaricus and Reishi dry extracts. The body that used these capsules are carefully selected, so that none of the properties are lost.

      It is the way in which it represents a great ally for the immune system, and for the enhancement of defenses, effectively fighting fatigue. Its reinforcement with selenium and vitamin C facilitates the absorption of nutrients, making it highly effective.

      Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil are incredible capsules perfect for those people who wish to maximize their immune and respiratory systems, regardless of their professional activity. It is also ideal for those seeking a cell regeneration to look young and especially for those who want to improve their quality of life.

      Recommended daily dose of Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil:

      • Take one capsule of Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil with liquid, preferably water.
      • Take Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil at any time.
      • Take Pure State Agaricus Reishi from Tongil preferably once a day.
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