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Pure korean ginseng extract - 30g

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Pure Korean Ginseng Extract by Tongil is a food supplement made with pure IL HWA extract that concentrates the benefits of the entire Korean Ginseng root. Get an incredible level of energy, improve your memory, your performance and your concentration, among other amazing natural benefits. It also supports the reduction of blood sugar levels.

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      Pure Korean Ginseng Extract by Tongil is a natural source of energy and vitality. Improve your memory and boost your alertness, with its wonderful benefits!

      Pure Korean Ginseng Extract by Tongil is a food supplement created with a pure IL HWA extract, standardised, in a 5: 1 ratio. It contains the nutritional power of 6-year-old Korean ginseng root, which concentrates the highest quality and quality of its active components. Get an incredible boost of energy, more memory and increased concentration.

      Essential characteristics of Pure Korean Ginseng Extract by Tongil 

      • It is created with pure IL HWA extract in a 5: 1 ratio.
        It has 6-year-old Korean ginseng root
        It is suitable for vegans.

      What is in each intake of Pure Korean Ginseng Extract by Tongil?

      Pure Korean Ginseng Extract by Tongil is packaged in a bottle containing 30 g of powdered food supplement.

      It has been made with pure 5: 1 whole root extract of 6-year-old IL HWA Korean Ginseng (Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer).


      What is achieved with Pure Korean Ginseng Extract by Tongil?

      Pure Korean Ginseng Extract by Tongil is a food supplement made of high-quality Korean ginseng. It has been created with Panax Ginseng by C.A. Meyer, known as IL HWA. It is produced with a 6-year-old whole root that concentrates the best active components and benefits. It is obtained through an exclusive vacuum procedure at low pressure and temperature, which preserves all its benefits. It also contains standardised active ingredients that ensure its high quality, and it is developed in Korean plantations that improves germination and full growth. Thanks to it is completely vegetable, it is suitable for vegan people.

      If you need to increase your daily energy, Pure Korean Ginseng Extract by Tongil is your best option. It has a positive effect on the immune system, which will provide you with excellent defenses. It will also improve your physical performance if you have intensive training. It improves your energy for your daily activities and benefits libido and sexual ability. Its benefits reduce the feeling of fatigue and improve general vitality. It is an excellent resource to be active if you have a busy lifestyle.

      You can also increase your mental energy with Pure Korean Ginseng Extract by Tongil. Ginseng also supports cognitive performance and it is perfect if your job demands a great intellectual activity, or if you are a student and you should achieve a better concentration in your exams. The benefits of this high-quality ginseng will improve your memory, and increase your alertness in a healthy way. So that, you can have a better ability to remember and to solve your daily challenges.

      Recommended Daily Dose of Pure Korean Ginseng Extract

      • Dissolve 30 g (1 dose from your meter) in about 200 ml of cold water.
      • Take a daily dose.

      Customer reviews: Pure korean ginseng extract - 30g

      3 Reviews
      I am addicted to ginseng since it gives me the energy I need for the day to day and with time at the end you need to finish the day and without problems there are also them to give tranquility and mental and emotional stability I recommend them without a doubt, ok!
      I'm hooked on these infusions, I love them, I can't stop taking them, they are delicious and there is a variety of different ones, there to relax or to activate you, a success very happy with the purchase and the price I see a little excessive but hey will go down
      I am assiduous to take these infusions since they have multiple benefits such as losing weight, giving you energy and I would also say that you can use it to increase libido, the truth is a success with these infusions that if I see them a little excessive in price but well
      Questions and answers
      porque es tan caro el ginsenc tongil'? porque vale mas del doble que todas las demas arcas'''?? gracias un saludo
      2021-10-17 20:42:14 Enrique Tajes
      Hola Enrique, en primer lugar cada marca pone sus precios en función a sus ideales, marketing, política de empresa, materias primas utilizadas, procesos de fabricación etc etc, el Ginseng Coreano Tongil,m se ha elaborado con extracto puro 5:1 de raíz entera de Ginseng Coreano IL HWA (Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer) de 6 años de edad. No soy alguien perteneciente a la empresa pero estoy seguro que el producto utilizado es de una calidad excepcional con un proceso que tarda años en realizarse y por ello el precio. Gracias por confiar en Más Músculo.
      2021-10-18 09:58:05 CRISTOBAL
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