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Nivelgastric - 40 capsules

Nivelgastric by Tongil is a completely natural stomach protector. It has protective, regenerative, and soothing benefits fighting possible conditions that could harm the intestinal system. It is reinforced with ginger, magnesium carbonate, aloe vera, and licorice extract that helps you to protect the normal function of the mucous membranes of the stomach and digestive tranquility.

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    Nivelgastric by Tongil is a stomach protector in capsules

    Nivelgastric by Tongil has a triple action stomach protector: calming action with anti-inflammatory effects on the mucosa cells, subjugating and mitigating stomach discomfort. Its active ingredients with regenerative action offer to heal and regenerate damaged mucosa. Its ingredients are embedded in the gastric mucosa, reinforcing the protective film that protects it, providing it with a demulcent and balsamic effect. Nivelgastric by Tongil is a food supplement that actively takes part in the restoration and supports the intestinal mucosa, improving its stability and balance, guaranteeing excellent health. It is perfect to face the changes of your body that happen over the years.

    Main characteristics of Nivelgastric by Tongil

    • It is a dietary supplement.
    • It keeps the mucous membranes of the stomach.
    • It keeps the physiological PH of the stomach.
    • It is a stomach protector.
    • It avoids gases excess.
    • It improves digestive comfort.
    • It regenerates the mucosa.
    • It has an anti-inflammatory effect.
    • It mitigates intestinal discomfort.
    • It improves digestion.
    • It calms the affections of the stomach.
    • It regulates the nervous system.
    • It has healing benefits.
    • It helps healthy digestion.

    What are the benefits of Nivelgastric by Tongil?

    Nivelgastric by Tongil offers the body great benefits in just single capsule that is easy to ingest, allowing the body to enjoy all its natural properties in an effective way.

    Nivelgastric by Tongil is formulated with natural ingredients like: cat's claw with its anti-inflammatory benefits that help reduce gastritis. Licorice offers an improvement of digestion. Aloe vera protects the stomach lining by offering to alkalize. Ginger improves digestion and calms stomach problems. Magnesium carbonate improves digestive functions. L-Glutamine helps you to regulate the functions of the stomach and especially the mucosa. Marshmallow prevents and calms heartburn. Fenugreek keeps the physiological pH of the stomach and regulates pancreatic secretions. Riboflavin maintains the mucosa in normal conditions. All these ingredients offer a combination of properties and benefits that contribute to the integral health of the intestinal system.

    Benefits of Nivelgastric by Tongil

    Nivelgastric by Tongil is a food supplement that offers the maintenance and protection of the mucous membranes in normal conditions. It improves the balance and stability of the physiological pH of the stomach. Nivelgastric by Tongil diminishes the affections of the digestive system, improves the intestinal functions reducing constipation, a support in the treatment and the prevention of the continuous evacuations.

    Nivelgastric by Tongil is recommended for older women, men, young people, teenagers and for all those concerned about keeping their intestinal health in perfect conditions.

    Recommended daily dose of Nivelgastric by Tongil

    • Take 2 capsules a day.
    • Take it before main meals.
    • Take a daily dose
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