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Nivelcol - 60 capsules

Nivelcol from Tongil is a health supplement made from black garlic, rice powder, vitamin B3 and other components, specially selected to help keep blood cholesterol levels under control. The properties of each of its components have been verified and studied, thus guaranteeing favorable results for your health.

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    Nivelcol from Tongil, a safe and natural supplement that offers a natural and effective solution for cholesterol control.

    The increase in cholesterol in the blood may be due to many different factors. However, in recent decades, this has become more common due to bad eating habits of people, seriously affecting their health and even becoming life-threatening.

    Cholesterol is a fatty substance present in the blood and in certain foods (excess amount can cause a hardening of the arteries).

    Nivelcol from Tongil is a way to combat the problem of cholesterol, its formula is made from specially selected ingredients that act on the body helping to level these values in such a way that it improves the health of vital and important areas of the organism such as the cardiovascular system, blood pressure, maintaining normal lipid levels, improving energy metabolism, among other benefits.

    If your health is your priority, Nivelcol from Tongil is the supplement that will allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoiding the problems and health conditions that commonly generate an imbalance in the levels of cholesterol in the body. And most importantly, Nivelcol from Tongil is totally natural and its components have been extracted from organic and clean crops.

    Essential aspects of Nivelcol from Tongil:

    • A supplement that improves blood cholesterol levels.
    • Prevents health problems in the cardiovascular system.
    • Helps maintain normal lipid levels in the blood.
    • Improves the energy metabolism.
    • Enriched with vitamin B3.
    • Has antioxidant properties.
    • Its ingredients are 100% natural.
    • Helps reduce triglyceride levels.
    • Promotes the cholesterol removal when eating food.
    • Made from patented standardized extracts.
    • Suitable for vegans.
    • Improves HDL or good cholesterol levels.
    • Does not cause any side effect.

    Ingredients and format of Nivelcol from Tongil:

    The extraordinary food supplement Nivelcol from Tongil is created in a format of capsules that help improve and facilitate dosing, in addition to making its components effectively absorbed into the body.

    Nivelcol from Tongil is made from aged black garlic, red yeast, rice powder, oat fiber, phytosterols, apple pectin, sugar cane wax, vitamin B3, canary seed and artichoke.

    Content per capsule.

    • Contains 100 mg of phytosterols.
    • Provides 50 mg of oat fiber.
    • Has 336 mg of red yeast rice.
    • Provides 9 mg of vitamin B3.
    • Has 50 mg of apple pectin among other ingredients.

    Benefits of Nivelcol from Tongil:

    Nivelcol from Tongil provides you with a natural and, at the same time, efficient way of helping maintain cholesterol levels under normal conditions that do not affect your health. Its extraordinary components and active ingredients work to improve the cardiovascular health without causing side effects.

    Nivelcol from Tongil is created especially for people suffering from high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

    Recommended daily dose of Nivelcol from Tongil:

    • As a supplement to food, take 2 capsules.
    • Take the dose with meals.
    • Take every day.
    Questions and answers
    Que efectos secundarios tiene Nivelcol?
    2021-06-02 18:25:21 Margaretha
    Buenas tardes Margaretha. Es un producto completamente natural, con lo cual no presenta ningún efecto secundario en este caso ni será nocivo si se lo toma durante algunos meses. Puede usarlo durante 3 meses, dejarlo de tomar 1 mes, y volver a empezar para no crear tolerancia a las sustancias
    2021-06-02 18:51:38 Cristian
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    He leido en algun sitio que es bueno descansar 1 o 2 meses despues tomándolos 2 o 3 meses. Es asi?
    2021-06-01 16:07:53 Margaretha
    hola buenas tardes, al ser un producto 100x100 natural no es necesario un descanso, si que es verdad que es bueno dejarle al cuerpo un poco de alivio para que no se acostumbre, gracias
    2021-06-01 16:53:50 CRISTOBAL
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