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Hawthorn, garlic and olive oil - 60 softgels

White Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive Oil from Tongil is a beneficial nutritional supplement specially formulated to be able to contribute every day to cardiovascular well-being and to optimize blood pressure levels. It has antioxidant properties and is of great help to lower blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, it is also ideal for regulating high blood glucose levels.

      Hawthorn Oil, Garlic and Tongil Olive Oil: it is especially indicated to combat hypertension and cardiovascular complications.

      It contains an excellent synergistic blend of nourishing macerated garlic, hawthorn and olive leaf oils that have been traditionally consumed for contributing to cardiovascular well-being and optimizing blood pressure levels.

      It is consumed by high performance athletes since it is also a natural energizer. It is also a great ally against stress, and being easy to digest it does not produce bad breath.

      Essential aspects of this Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive Oil from Tongil for 6 softgels

      • Provides 1.2 g of macerated hawthorn oil (Crataegus oxyacantha L.)
      • It has 1.2 g of olive oil of 1º cold pressure macerated of Olive leaf (Olea europaea L.)
      • Has 600 mg of garlic macerated oil (Allium sativum)

      Components of Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive Oil from Tongil

      Among the ingredients present in this food supplement we can find the following:

      • Gelatin pearl
      • Macerated hawthorn oil
      • Olive oil

      What is achieved with this White Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive Oil from Tongil?

      The components of hawthorn with which this food supplement has been made increase the efficiency of cardiac function by increasing the force of cardiac contraction, reducing cardiac excitability, regulating the frequency of contractions, prolonging the refractory period of the myocardial cell and increasing driving speed.

      Thanks to its relaxing and sedative properties, Tongil White Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive Oil acts on the sympathetic nervous system. Hawthorn, one of the ingredients in this food supplement, is a medicinal plant that helps regulate blood pressure every day, which is why it is known as the plant for cardiovascular or heart health.

      Tongil Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive Oil is usually used when we manifest problems related to:

      • Heart: significantly improves circulation, through the antioxidants it contains, thus improving important cardiovascular health.
      • Insomnia: its sedative components help the body to relax every day, thus promoting the relaxation necessary to the previous phases of sleep, as well as the phases that occur during rest.
      • Muscle problems: being calming, sedative and relaxing it is quite beneficial for all those minor complications of a muscular nature.
      • Anxiety: Its flavonoids adequately regulate possible states of nervousness and anxiety.
      • Urinary infections: its excellent diuretic characteristics help in each intake to create urine that helps to properly expel toxins, as well as bacteria, fungi or different microorganisms that cause urine infections.

      Recommended daily dose of Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive Oil from Tongil

      • Take 3 to 6 softgels a day, preferably with meals.
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