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Ginst15 tea - 100 sachets

Tongil Ginst15 Tea is a beneficial preparation for making infusions based on the highest quality IL HWA ginseng, which is directly assimilated by the body. Due to its mild stimulating properties, it is often recommended to improve energy levels. It also highlights the potential wellness potential of the immune system and its excellent involvement in the important metabolism of blood sugar. Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue while providing vitality and energy.

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    Ginst15 Tea de Tongil: Made with authentic hydrolyzed Korean ginseng and one hundred percent assimilable

    The Korean Ginseng root with which this beneficial food supplement has been made is considered one of the most precious tonics of natural medicine, in fact, it could be considered one of the most famous natural remedies in the world.

    In addition to facilitating digestion and regulating the nervous system, this food supplement provides energy and vitality to the body.

    Among its properties are a series of active principles called ginsenosides, substances that give this food supplement its characteristic phytotherapeutic and dietary benefits.

    Essential aspects of this Tongil Ginst15 Tea for 1 sachet

    • Provides 150 mg of hydrolyzed extract of Korean ginseng whole root
    • Exclusive formulation based on the benefits of the hydrolyzed extract of the whole root of Korean ginseng IL HWA (Panax ginseng CA Meyer).
    • Through an important patented enzymatic hydrolysis process, IL HWA makes this extract exclusive and with greater bioavailability (15 times more assimilable and 4 times faster).
    • Use of 6-year-old mature roots, this is due to the fact that in this period the root is at its optimum level of active principles.
    • Use of whole roots without peeling in this Tongil Ginst15 Tea, since this peeling eliminates the secondary roots where the active principles are found.
    • Correct extraction procedure and exclusive IL HWA at very low temperature, low pressure and under vacuum, which allows to keep intact the important active principles of the root, including volatile ones.
    • Contained in this food supplement.
    • Own cultivation in Korean plantations, which allows to ensure the desired quality standards from germination to the final product.

    Components of the beneficial Tongil Ginst15 Tea

    Among the ingredients present in this food supplement we can find the following:

    • Korean ginseng whole root

    What is achieved with this excellent Ginst15 Tea from Tongil?

    • Contributes to natural defenses and the proper functioning of the immune system
    • Helps maintain normal blood glucose levels
    • Helps maintain good cognitive performance
    • Contributes to memory performance
    • Contributes to blood circulation which is associated with brain performance and reactivity
    • Contributes to optimal mental and cognitive activity
    • Helps maintain physical and mental abilities in cases of weakness, exhaustion, fatigue and loss of concentration
    • Helps to maintain good sexual relations
    • Helps counteract fatigue
    • Promotes vitality
    • Helps promote alertness

    Recommended daily dose of the recommended Tongil Ginst15 Tea

    • Dissolve the content of 1 sachet in hot or cold water and sweeten to taste.
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