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Green Chitofort - 60 capsules

Green Chitofort from Tongil is a food supplement that contains 100% vegetable chitosan. It is obtained from a unique and patented method from the cell wall of the fungus Aspergillus niger mycelium. It has also been reinforced with 4:1 standardized plum and tamarind extracts. It is ideal to help reduce the caloric intake of meals, thus reducing the fat absorption.

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    Green Chitofort from Tongil is a food supplement based on polysaccharide fiber of vegetable chitosan with plum and tamarind.

    Green Chitofort from Tongil is an exclusive formula based on vegetable chitosan, plum and tamarind. It is highly recommended to support a weight control diet in order to reduce the caloric intake of meals and reduce fat deposits, thus achieving weight loss and preventing the recovery of what has already been lost.

    Although it is equivalent to chitosan obtained from crustaceans (d-glucosamine biopolymer), the unique and patented process for its obtaining guarantees a 100% vegetable, purified, non-allergenic, non-GMO food supplement (not genetically modified), free of heavy metals, and with exceptional properties (low molecular weight, high density and high dissolution rate) that give it a capacity to trap fat superior to conventional chitosan.

    Nutrition facts per serving (4 capsules) of Green Chitofort from Tongil:

    • 1200 mg of vegetable chitosan (chitin-glucan from Aspergillus niger).
    • 40 mg of plum dry extract (Prunus domestica).
    • 40 mg of tamarind dry extract (Tamarindus indica).

    Green Chitofort from Tongil comes in a 60-capsule container.

    Among the ingredients present in this food supplement we can find the following:

    • Vegetarian capsules.
    • Diluents (microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate).
    • Anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide).

    What can be achieved by taking Green Chitofort from Tongil?

    The chitosan this food supplement has been made from is a compound rich in fiber, which makes it highly beneficial for digestive processes. Its ingestion prevents intestinal irritation and possible constipation.

    In addition, it is used as an excellent antacid, because thanks to its properties it neutralizes excess gastric juices. On the other hand, its other healing and disinfectant properties are very useful for people who suffer from stomach ulcers.

    It can be used to reduce body weight. The reason is that fiber absorbs large amounts of fat and oil and converts them into substances your body cannot process and are discarded, so it is very good for losing weight and for a good digestion.

    It reduces blood cholesterol levels, so it is highly recommended to prevent cardiovascular disorders and circulatory problems.

    Unlike other types of fiber, it contains amino groups in its structure that provide it with a basic character, and when it comes into contact with the acidic pH of the stomach, a partial solubilization of chitosan molecule occurs, giving rise to a positively charged gel.

    This gel can capture negative molecules such as lipids, including them in its structure. Some substances, such as mercury and dioxin, are very harmful to the liver. Green Chitofort from Tongil has been proven to protect this organ from these toxins. It also reduces the absorption of bile acids.

    Recommended daily dose of Green Chitofort from Tongil:

    • Take from 2 to 4 capsules a day, divided into lunch and dinner.
    • Take with plenty of liquids.
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