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Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg - 20 vials

The royal jelly used in this amazing Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg from Tongil guarantees a valuable content in 10-HDA is over 5%. It is a fatty acid exclusive to royal jelly and a revealing parameter of its freshness and quality. It acts as a stimulant of the body increasing the physical and mental capacity and improving the defenses.

It is also a great restorative, contains proteins, minerals (calcium, iron), trace elements (potassium, copper, phosphorus, silicon), and vitamins A, C, D , E and B complex.

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    Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg from Tongil helps activate the immune system response and strengthens the body against seasonal changes to avoid the defenses to fall.

    Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg from Tongil acts as a stimulant for the body by increasing physical and intellectual capacities, fighting anemia, improving defenses and states of depression and apathy.

    The vitamin C provided by this food supplement is necessary to produce collagen, an optimal cell growth and repair, and also to protect the body from all infections and allergies by strengthening your defenses.

    Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg from Tongil is an ideal food supplement for anyone, adults, children and the elderly; mainly for the two latter because they really need greatest nutritional help.

    Nutrition facts per 1 vial of Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg from Tongil:

    • Provides 333 mg of 3:1 freeze dried royal jelly, with a 10-HDA content > 5% (equivalent to 1000 mg of fresh royal jelly).

    Components and format of Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg from Tongil:

    Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg from Tongil comes in a 20-vial container.

    Among the ingredients present in this food supplement, we can find the following:

    • Royal jelly.
    • Fructose.
    • Acidity regulator (citric acid).
    • Preservatives (potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate).

    What is achieved by taking Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg from Tongil?

    • Excellent food supplement with a restorative property and with an energy supply in deficiency states.
    • Remarkably improves physical and mental performances, daily helps the learning capacity and memory. At the same time, it increases self-esteem and causes a very pleasant feeling of well-being and euphoria.
    • Satisfactorily increases the defenses of the body. It stimulates the production of important antibodies and the proper proliferation of cells deeply involved in the immune response mechanisms of the organism.
    • Regulates possible digestive disorders, since it reinforces stomach and gastrointestinal peristalsis.
    • Helps to adequately normalize cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body, so the intake of this food supplement is strongly recommended in cases of arteriosclerosis.
    • Due to its important vasodilatory action, it satisfactorily improves the health status of people affected by possible heart disorders.
    • Increases hemoglobin and favors the proliferation of important red blood cells due to their content in folic acid and important niacin. That is why, Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg from Tongil is ideal to fight certain types of anemia.
    • Provides an excellent antiseptic and bacteriostatic action, so it can be ingested in the prevention of flu-like processes.
    • Slows down the signs of premature aging on the skin, as it renews the epithelial cells of the epidermis, softens and tightens the skin.
    • Helps with each intake to regain weight and appetite in anorexic people or those lacking in appetite in post-operative states, who also have decreased immune defenses.

    Recommended daily dose of Apicol Royal Jelly 1000 mg from Tongil:

    • Take 1 vial a day, preferably on an empty stomach.
    • Can be consumed alone or with liquids (water, juices, etc.).
    • Shake before using.
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