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Aktidrenal - 250ml

Aktidrenal from Tongil is an exclusive combination of vegetable extracts and fruit juices. It contains fluid extracts of artichoke, dandelion, fumaria, grass, sarsaparilla, horsetail, boldo, green tea, cinnamon, licorice, thyme, ginseng and oregano.

It has been reinforced with grapefruit, watermelon, apple and artichoke juice, the latter favors detoxification, contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive tract and promotes weight loss.

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    Aktidrenal from Tongil is a food supplement based on vegetable extracts and fruit juices.

    It is formulated with extracts of plants and fruit juices that help take care of your line, since it provides supplementary and useful nutrients to lead a healthy and balanced diet, as well as to reinforce the functions that allow you to maintain a correct weight.

    The ginseng present in Aktidrenal from Tongil has extraordinary properties that are very beneficial in giving your immune system the strength it needs every day. Therefore, it is a very ideal food supplement for those people who have problems with the body's defenses.

    Nutrition facts per 20 ml of Aktidrenal from Tongil:

      • 480 mg of artichoke leaves (cynara scolimus).
      • 480 mg of whole dandelion plant (taraxacum officinale web).
      • 384 mg of aerial parts of fumaria (fumaria officinalis).
      • 352 mg of grass rhizome (cynodon dactylon).
      • 320 mg of stem of horsetail (equisetum arvense).
      • 320 mg of sarsaparilla root (smilax aspera).
      • 224 mg of boldo leaves (peumus boldus).
    What is artichoke leaf good for?
    Artichoke is used to stimulate the flow of bile from the liver, and this is thought to help reduce the symptoms of heartburn and alcohol “hangover.” Artichoke is also used for high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), kidney problems, anemia, fluid retention (edema), arthritis, bladder infections, and liver.
    Can you eat the leaves of an artichoke?
    After you have cooked the artichoke, peel the outer leaves off and use your teeth to scrape off the tender, edible parts at the base of the leaves. You will be left with the artichoke heart, which you can eat as is or add to your favorite recipes.

    Components of Aktidrenal from Tongil:

    Among the ingredients present in this food supplement, we can find the following:

        • Preservative (potassium sorbate).
        • Green tea leaves.
        • Cinnamon bark.
        • Liquorice.
        • Oregano.
        • Thyme leaves.
        • Ginseng root

    What is achieved by taking Aktidrenal from Tongil?

    The horsetail which this food supplement has been made from can be an ally for weight loss thanks to its diuretic effect and its ability to eliminate toxins from our body through the urine.

    The green tea leaves present in Aktidrenal from Tongil have 30% polyphenols per weight, including large amounts of catechin, called EGCG.

    Catechins are 100% natural antioxidants that can reduce free radical formation in the body, protecting cells and molecules from the damage. These free radicals are known because they play a fundamental role in age and all types of complications.

    The compounds in green tea leaves stimulate metabolism (a 17% more) and favor the fats to be transformed into calories. That is why these leaves are present in Aktidrenal from Tongil.

    They are also made from an amino acid called l-theanine, which can cross the blood-brain barrier and increase the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which has antioxidant effects.

    Recommended daily dose of Aktidrenal from Tongil:

      • Dilute 2 tablespoons (20 ml) with 1 liter of water and drink the content of the mixture throughout the day.
      • Optionally, you can also dilute 1 tablespoon (10 ml) in a large glass of water, twice a day.
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