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Sotya Hawthorn is a supplement created to benefit health from the natural properties that this plant has, which can help regulate blood pressure, improve coronary circulation and even help treat neurovegetative disorders. Sotya's Hawthorn formula is totally natural and guarantees very good results for your health.

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    Sotya White Hawthorn a natural supplement with properties that will benefit your cardiovascular health, blood pressure and nervous system.

    Sotya Hawthorn is a natural supplement, which has been made with the best quality extracts, which contain properties capable of helping health, especially cardiovascular health, since hawthorn is widely recognized as a heart tonic and at the same time sedative of the nervous system. These qualities make Sotya Hawthorn ideal for treating a variety of conditions of this type.

    Hawthorn Information

    • It is a supplement with properties that help regulate blood pressure
    • It is an efficient cardiac tonic
    • May help treat insomnia
    • Has antispasmodic properties
    • It is an effective sedative for the nervous system
    • It is a supplement rich in flavonoids
    • Helps inhibit free radical synthesis
    • Improves heart function
    • Helps regulate the rate of heart contractions
    • Helps improve coronary circulation
    • Serves to compensate for neurovegetative disorders
    • Helps calm palpitations
    • Serves to prevent angina pectoris
    • May relieve dizziness and vertigo
    • Helps relieve mild episodes of anxiety
    • It does not have allergenic components
    • Easily absorbed
    • Has no side effects
    • Can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans

    What ingredients does Hawthorn have ?

    Espino Blanco de Sotya is created in a liquid format, a presentation that helps considerably to improve its absorption in the body, making the effects of its formula be felt in a short period of time, providing well-being and health. Sotya Hawthorn can be mixed with any liquid of your choice, which will not lose its effectiveness or efficiency in any of its properties or health benefits, making it the best natural alternative to optimize the cardiovascular system.

    Content per dose (3 ml)

    • Contains 1200 mg of dry extract of hawthorn leaves
    • It has 24 mg of vitexin

    What is Hawthorn from Sotya Health Supplements taken for ?

    Sotya White Hawthorn helps you maintain good cardiovascular health and protect your heart, nervous and circulatory system from 100% natural properties.

    • Helps maintain optimal heart function and healthy blood pressure
    • It is ideal for people who suffer from palpitations, arrhythmias, angina pectoris among other similar conditions of the cardiovascular system
    • Helps people who want to improve their coronary circulation through a natural and safe supplement

    Recommended daily dose of Hawthorn

    • As a food supplement, take 1 ml of Sotya Hawthorn three times daily, every day for at least 16 days
    • Take the dose with a meal or diluted in liquids
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