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Dandelion Extract from Sotya Health Supplements is a food supplement that stimulates the appetite, by stimulating the taste buds, increasing the production of gastric juices and stimulating the appetite. It has relatively high levels of iron, vitamins, and a high protein content. While iron is an essential part of blood hemoglobin, vitamin B and proteins are the basis for the formation of red blood cells and other blood components.

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    Dandelion Extract from Sotya Health Supplements: every day it will become your best ally to obtain good health

    It contains lactose, triterpenes, steroids, phenolic acids, polysaccharides and mineral salts, among others. Cholagogue and choleretic, increases the production and elimination of bile.

    It also has laxative effects; in contact with water, the mucilage becomes viscous and bulky, which causes intestinal peristalsis. Finally, the tooth stimulates the appetite, by stimulating the taste buds, increasing the production of gastric juices and stimulating the appetite.

    It serves as an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K, it also contains vitamin E, folic acid, small amounts of B vitamins, and inulin, the type of fiber most beneficial for the health of the intestinal microbiota.

    It also provides a significant amount of various minerals, including iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and silicon.

    But the medicinal properties of the dandelion with which this food supplement has been made are due to the combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, such as beta-carotene and polyphenols and chicoric acids.

    Sotya Health Supplements Dandelion Extract is traditionally known for its liver benefits.

    The antioxidants mentioned above promote the proper functioning of the liver and protect it against aging.

    In addition, there are other compounds in this plant that can be effective in treating liver bleeds.

    Essential aspects of this Dandelion Extract from Sotya Health Supplements per 3ml

    • It provides 375mg of dandelion.
    • It has 7.5mg of polysaccharides.
    • Helps control sugar levels.
    • Stimulates the secretion of insulin.
    • Regulates glucose levels.
    • Reduces the absorption of fats.
    • It favors the control of cholesterol.

    Components and format of Dandelion Extract from Sotya Health Supplements

    This food supplement is presented in a 50ml container

    Among the ingredients present in this food supplement we can find the following:

    • 100% liquid extract of dandelion based on glycerin.

    What do you get with this Dandelion Extract from Sotya Health Supplements?

    It can promote the maintenance of an adequate flow of bile, while stimulating liver function and aiding digestion.

    Proper digestion reduces the risk of constipation and gastrointestinal problems.

    Thanks to its diuretic nature, it promotes urination and helps eliminate excess water from our body.

    In addition, our urine contains a percentage of 4% of fat, so the more we urinate, the more water and fat will be lost, so it also favors weight loss.

    The high fiber content of Dandelion Extract from Sotya Health Supplements makes it a very beneficial aid for proper digestion and intestinal health.

    Fiber stimulates intestinal function and reduces the chances of constipation and diarrhea.

    Recommended Daily Portion of Dandelion Extract from Sotya Health Supplements

    • 1ml three times a day, alone or dissolved in water.
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