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Sotya Boldo Extract is a supplement designed to help naturally improve liver health while at the same time improving digestion. Its formula is full of active ingredients that act simultaneously offering good results thanks to its content of essential oils of eucalyptus, flavonoids and glycosides that make it a highly healthy supplement.

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    Sotya Boldo Extract improves liver function and protects the health of your liver, while helping to improve digestion.

    Boldo de Sotya extract is made from an all-natural herbal extract boosted in a concentrated and highly effective formula that takes advantage of all the benefits this plant has to offer, helping to improve liver health and the improvement of important liver functions. At the same time, Sotya Boldo Extract helps improve digestion, which makes it ideal to take after eating a large amount of food.

    Characteristics of Boldo Extract from Sotya Health Supplements

    • It is a supplement that uses 100% natural and quality extracts
    • It has a formula rich in active ingredients
    • It has various components that act synergistically in the body
    • Helps improve liver health
    • Its properties improve the production of bile
    • Has diuretic properties
    • Helps improve the digestive process
    • Serves to avoid and treat heavy digestions
    • Increases the emptying of the gallbladder
    • It has hepatoprotective properties
    • Has a natural content of glycosides and flavonoids
    • Supports the treatment of different liver conditions
    • May help lower blood cholesterol levels
    • It has a good cleansing effect on the liver
    • Helps eliminate fat from the body
    • Improves the function and health of the gallbladder
    • Helps prevent gallbladder stone formation
    • It is a natural stomach protector
    • Helps relieve stomach discomfort
    • Prevents bloating of the belly
    • May help prevent intestinal gas formation

    What ingredients does Boldo Extract have ?

    Boldo de Sotya extract is created in a liquid format, which greatly facilitates the absorption of the components of its formula in the body. In addition to that, Sotya Boldo Extract comes in a container equipped with a dropper dispenser, which helps to ensure that each dose is always precise, with the right amounts and necessary to obtain the best results.

    Content per dose (15 drops)

    • Contains 225 mg of standardized boldo leaf extract

    What is Boldo Extract from Sotya Health Supplements taken for ?

    Boldo de Sotya extract helps you to maintain good liver health and better digestion from natural properties that will give you well-being and a healthy liver.

    • Helps maintain the proper functioning of the gallbladder and liver
    • It is ideal for people with liver conditions such as fatty liver
    • Perfect for people who suffer from heavy digestions and want to improve their digestion after eating large meals

    Recommended daily dose of Boldo Extract

    • As a dietary supplement, take 15 drops of Boldo de Sotya Extract daily.
    • Take the recommended dose 2 to 3 times a day
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