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Vegetable Broth - 10 tablets

Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural is a food that is part of the traditional cuisine in the different cultures of the humankind. This product is part of a balanced and varied diet. Its main ingredient is water and therefore it helps maintain proper hydration, and is also low in calories.

      Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural is a vegetable concentrate with an exquisite aroma and flavor. It is ideal to add to different stews (soups, paellas, meats, etc.), thus enhancing the flavor of all recipes.

      It is advisable to include this excellent and important Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural in our usual diet in order to keep a good hydration, a control of calories consumed and a proper content of vitamins and minerals. Its results are very nutritious and enjoyable.

      Whether to relieve a cold or flu, Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural is excellent to speed up healing and recovery from illness. In addition, there is an infinity of possible combinations to accompany this product, being able to adapt to tastes, needs, or the age of consumer.

      Nutrition facts per serving (100 g) of Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural:

      • 964 kJ / 231 kcal of energy.
      • 11.6 g of fats, of which 2.5 g are saturated fats, 7.9 g are monounsaturated fats, and 0.3 g are polyunsaturated fats.
      • 22.5 g of carbohydrates, of which 5.6 g are sugars.
      • 3.7 g of dietary fiber.
      • 7.2 g of protein.
      • 51.72 g of salt.

      Components and format of Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural:

      Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural comes in a 10-tablet container (10.7 g each)

      Among its ingredients we can find the following:

      • Dehydrated vegetables (celery, leek, carrot and cebola).
      • Hydrolyzed soy and yeast proteins.
      • Sunflower oil.
      • Lactose.
      • Sea salt and starch corn.
      • May contain traces of gluten, has no cholesterol, additives or glutamate.

      What can be achieved by taking Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural?

      • Very warm broth in winter, is one of the better options for your palate. Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural will warm our body and also our mind, providing us with a great feeling of comfort.
      • Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural maintains the hydration of the body thanks to the fact that water is the base of any broth.
      • Although it may seem that Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural is a very copious recipe, its ingredients do not have too many calories, which makes it also attractive for certain weight loss diets.
      • Consumption helps reduce food intake: drinking broth before eating generates more satiety and reduces appetite.
      • If you choose to cook Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural with beef, cow or chicken meat, we will guarantee a high level of gelatin and collagen in our body, two essential nutrients to maintain the firmness of the skin and well-cared joints.
      • Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural contains minerals that your body can easily absorb: calcium and magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and sulfur.
      • If chicken is added, Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural will become the perfect medicine to cure a cold, since chicken contains cysteine.

      Recommended daily dose of Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural:

      • To obtain a good broth, dissolve 1 tablet of Vegetable Broth from Soria Natural for every half liter of boiling water.
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