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Thyme extract - 50ml

Natural Soria Thyme Extract is attributed anti-infective properties, general tonic of the nervous and circulatory system, antispasmodic, vermifuge, diuretic, expectorant, antitussive. It stimulates gastric secretion, the liver and the gallbladder and is an excellent activator of the defenses.

      Soria Natural Thyme Extract is a perfect ally for winter conditions that include mucus, irritating cough and respiratory problems.

      The thyme with which this product has been made is known by all as one of the most beneficial plants for our body due to its antibacterial and astringent properties. It also has a powerful circulatory action beneficial to tired legs, varicose veins and fluid retention.

      This liquid solution is indicated for cases of throat ailments (aphonia, pain, irritation, dryness, etc.) and as prevention of flu processes. It is a supplement that acts as a powerful antiseptic: bactericidal action, inhibiting the growth and development of germs.

      This product is mainly oriented to:

      • Respiratory conditions (bronchitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, asthma, irritating cough, etc.)
      • Prophylaxis of colds (as an activating agent of defenses)
      • Asthenia
      • In intestinal worms
      • Slow and heavy digestions
      • Hepato-biliary insufficiencies, meteorism

      Essential aspects of Soria Natural Thyme Extract per 1ml

      • Provides 1 mg of essential oil
      • It contains various vitamins, minerals and active compounds that give it anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal power, among other qualities.
      • It has anti-inflammatory effects on the gastric mucosa. That is why it is ideal in cases of slow digestion, gastritis or stomach ulcers.

      Components and format of Soria Natural Thyme Extract

      This product is presented in a 50 ml glass container with dispenser

      Among its ingredients we can find the following:

      • Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L., leaf) concentrated extract (1630 mg)
      • Alpha-cyclodextrins (60 mg)
      • Gamma-cyclodextrins (30 mg)
      • Conservative: glycerin

      What is achieved with Natural Soria Thyme Extract?

      Thanks to all its pharmacological actions, this Natural Soria Thyme Extract can be used in:

      • Digestive problems such as slow digestion and intestinal spasms.
      • Intestinal parasites.
      • Respiratory problems and pathologies such as colds / colds, flu, irritating cough, cough with mucus, etc.

      Antiseptic properties: Thanks to its phenolic components, the essence of the Soria Natural Thyme Extract has antibacterial activity against both gram positive and gram negative germs. The antibacterial action is produced by the action of thyme on the bacterial membrane of microorganisms.

      Increase of the immune system: this Natural Soria Thyme Extract produces a considerable stimulation of leukopoiesis (production of leukocytes, cells of the immune system), so it has an interesting use as an enhancer of other immunostimulants.

      Antispasmodic and expectorant properties: Natural Soria Thyme Extract has spasmolytic activity at the respiratory tract level, which justifies its use as an antitussive. The expectorant activity is due to its essential oil, which causes an intense fluidization of bronchial secretions and therefore facilitates their expulsion. Very effective in cases of cough with a lot of mucus.

      Anti-inflammatory properties: At the topical level, the Natural Soria Thyme Extract has a rubefacient action (increases temperature and blood circulation to the area of application) and an anti-inflammatory action, decreasing the synthesis of prostaglandins (responsible for inflammation).

      How is Soria Natural Thyme Extract taken?

      • It is recommended to take 1 ml (approximately 25 drops) 3 times a day diluted in water.
      • Shake before using.
      • Squeeze the nipple and wait a few seconds.
      • Food supplements should not be substitutes in any case for a correct diet.
      • Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.
      • Store in a cool, dry place protected from sunlight.
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