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Sundew Extract from Soria Natural is an excellent nutritional supplement, which uses the extraordinary properties of sundew, also known as sundew, which has health benefits, characterized by its antitussive action that relieves and calms coughs and that It also has an expectorant action that favors the elimination of pulmonary secretions in a natural way.

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    Drosera extract from Soria Natural, the food supplement with expectorant and antitussive properties that relieve the discomfort of cough and accumulated phlegm.

    Sundew, also known in many places as sundew, is an extraordinary plant that has been recognized worldwide for its medicinal properties that promote good health, especially for its antispasmodic, mucolytic and antibacterial properties; but more especially for its expectorant and antitussive action. Drosera extract from Soria Natural is a dietary supplement that uses the best active principles of this extraordinary plant, enhancing its properties and helping to eliminate the discomfort of coughs, respiratory tract spasms, irritating coughs, bronchitis and even some disorders of the airways or laryngeal congestion; all in a natural and safe way, without side effects.

    What are the characteristics of Drosera Extract from Soria Natural ?

    • It is a product of 100% natural origin
    • Offers excellent antispasmodic action
    • Helps clear lung secretions and phlegm from the airways
    • Has antibacterial properties
    • Protects the respiratory tract
    • Helps treat irritating cough
    • Combat respiratory disorders
    • Has antitussive action
    • Has mucolytic properties
    • It is a 100% vegan product
    • It is used to treat asthma and bronchitis
    • Contains no artificial ingredients or allergens
    • It is easy to dose
    • It is fast absorbing

    What does Drosera extract from Soria Natural provide ?

    Drosera extract from Soria Natural is a product that comes in a practical liquid presentation, packaged in a convenient opaque bottle, equipped with a dropper dispenser so that in this way the precision of the dose is guaranteed in each dose.

    Sundew Extract from Soria Natural is made from lyophilized sundew extract, also called sundew.

    What is Drosera de Soria Natural Extract used for ?

    Sundew Extract from Soria Natural is a product created to promote health, especially in the respiratory tract, its antispasmodic, mucolytic, expectorant and antitussive action come directly from the natural properties of sundew. With Sundew Extract from Soria Natural you can treat a variety of respiratory tract conditions such as irritating cough, bronchitis, laryngeal congestion, mucus in the airways, lung secretions, among many other similar conditions.

    Drosera extract from Soria Natural is designed for people who suffer from spasm problems in the respiratory tract. Ideal for people who want to fight and treat asthma. It can be used by people looking to eliminate lung secretions or mucus in the airways. It can be consumed by children.

    How to consume Drosera extract from Soria Natural?

    • As a dietary supplement, dilute 15 to 20 drops in a little water
    • Take the dose 3 times a day
    • It can be consumed by children from 6 years old, taking half the dose
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